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International Protein

International Protein
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International Protein WPI
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$49.95 - $179.95
International Protein Extreme Mass
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$69.95 - $159.95
$89.95 - $179.95
22% - 11% OFF
International Protein Superior Whey
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$54.95 - $219.95
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International Protein Extreme Carbs
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International Protein Carni-Shot
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International Protein Heavy Weight Mass Gainer
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International Protein Kre-Alkalyn
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International Protein Synergy 5
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$89.95 - $174.95
$109.95 - $194.95
18% - 10% OFF

International Protein is an Australian company formed by former world champion athlete and (IFBB) International Federation of Body Building and Fitness professional, Christine Envall. Christine’s experience during her years of training and competition at the elite level provided her with expert knowledge in the field.

Her qualification as a Food Scientist combined with her first-rate sporting background as a three time world champion gives her a unique and expert understanding of the relationships between food, nutrition supplements and human performance. She recognises how they facilitate high intensity training, build strength and muscle and assist with the loss of body fat to attain a supreme physique.

Christine's appreciation of the very complex interaction between chemical and flavour and texture (organoleptic) properties, together with the physical formation of food gives her the ability to create highly nutritious supplements that are pleasing to consume.

Specialising as a contest Nutritionist, Christine has worked in competitive body building with contestants from all levels and understands their requirement for quality nutritional products. She also knows that they want affordable products that are easy to use and adaptable to the many nutrition phases of the training year.


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Christine has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, as well as competing in body building competitions. Her personal experiences with supplement sponsorship motivated her to develop her own. She found that although many companies had excellent products they did not always suit her particular needs, finding she had to adapt them to suit her changing nutritional requirements. International Protein was created to provide a range of nutritional products for sports people that would fulfill dietary requirements and fit year round programs. 

International Proteins uses five principle values for the development of its products. Essentially the philosophy is that each product needs to satisfy the criteria of taste, quality, affordability, results and flexibility and must have:

• Balanced and exciting flavours
• Only best quality raw materials
• Reasonable margins to allow an affordable price
• tests on world class athletes to monitor results
• Separate carbohydrate and protein powder and products allow flexibility for individual programs

Christine is proud of her products and is keen to share her successful approaches with others who are serious in taking care of their bodies. She wants people to reach their goals and achieve ultimate performance, either in sport or body building, by utilising the benefits of her extremely practical and well-designed sports foods.