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EHP Labs

EHP Labs
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EHP Labs OxyShred
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OxySleep by EHP Labs
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EHP Labs is driven by one important mission: the enhancement of human performance. The company's team focuses on devising ground-breaking, innovative products. Rather than resting on tired formulas, they're committed to pushing the sports nutrition industry - and the athletes who benefit from it - as far as it can possibly go.


This means developing cutting-edge technologies and continually searching for new ways to turn sportspeople into faster, stronger, tougher performers. In fact, EHPlabs describes itself as revolutionary. This seems a pretty fair description, considering the significant number of forward-thinking contributions the company has made to the world of sports supplements.



EHPlabs philosophy and practice are very much couched in science. The company isn't too interested in commercial hype or fancy marketing campaigns. Instead, they put money, time and resources into intelligent, reliable research - both scientific and pharmaceutical. Their primary areas of interest are, as might be expected, human biomechanics and molecular biochemistry.


Consequently, many EHPlabs products are designed to work exactly where it matters most: at the cellular and biological level. Rather than using fillers, they provide delicately balanced combinations of high-quality ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be efficacious. Oxysleep is a perfect example of one of these formulations, offering a new spin on thermogenesis with the added benefit of improving sleep quality and quantity. When it comes to quality vegan protein, Blessed Protein delivers a clean plant-based formulation.


A Top Team

At the heart of EHP labs lies a superbly talented, hard-working research team. The scientists take care of the important tasks of research and experimentation. However, they're just one slice of the pie. There are also pharmacists, who contribute advanced knowledge of chemical compounds and exactly how they impact various aspects of physiological functioning, as well as sports physicians, who bring specialised knowledge to the table. Then, of course, there are the athletes, who keep the team up-to-date with their evolving needs, and test out the products thoroughly before they hit the commercial sphere.


In-House Formulating and Testing

To keep a close eye on every part of the process - from conception to creation - EHPlabs products are formulated and tested in an in-house laboratory dedicated entirely to their work. This gives them the scope to develop their supplement range extremely efficiently and for various team members to work in proximity, exchanging discoveries and building on one another's ideas.


Once testing is taken care of, the next step is manufacturing, which takes places in a US-based factory that's NSF certified factory. To ensure that all products hit the retail shelves just as they're intended to, the company sticks to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.


An EHP Labs product worth a mention is Oxyshred, a potent thermogenic fat-burner not for the feint-hearted. Check out our oxyshred review for more information.