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ProMera Sports

ProMera Sports
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ProMera Sports has a three word motto at its heart: 'Gain. Improve. Progress.' These pretty much sum up what the company is all about - helping every single client to increase muscle, improve their physical performance and feel the benefits of overall progression towards their fitness goals. 

You Deserve a Healthy Life 

ProMera Sports is a actually a branch of umbrella company ProMera Health. Unless you've been busy learning Latin while you haven't been at the gym, you're probably not likely to know the meaning of the word 'ProMera'. It is derived from an ancient verb meaning 'to merit or to deserve'. The team chose this name because it represents ProMera Health's core belief - that every single person on earth has the right to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. ProMera supplements are all about ensuring this comes to fruition. 


Following on the heels of this desire to promote general health is ProMera's concern with safety. Their products are designed to achieve outstanding results while keeping well out of the danger zone. Consequently, all ProMera supplements are devised, manufactured and tested with the Food and Drug Administration's 'current Good Manufacturing Processes' (cGMP) in mind. The cGMP is not actually a legal requirement but such is ProMera's concern for the welfare of their clients that they adhere to the guidelines regardless. It's all part of running a business that's driven by the pursuit of excellent standards in every single area. 

ProMera's Famous CON-CRET

Of all ProMera supplements, CON-CRET is definitely one of the company's most well-known. Why? Well, to start, it's actually the first Creatine Hydrochloride to be found anywhere in the world in concentrated form. What this means is that it's packed full of creatine in a form that's more easily absorbed than any other. In the area of solubility, it's 59 times more effective than creatine monohydrate. In practice, this results in utterly amazing outcomes when it comes to strength, endurance and muscle recovery. In fact, some athletes have found CON-CRET creatine to work so overwhelmingly powerfully that they've compared it to steroids. 

ProMera Sports CON-CRET also takes advantage of the very latest in scientific research, in terms of being the only creatine available that works according to body weight. In order to maximise results, you take the appropriate amount, as determined by your specific body make-up. Basically, this means you never have to take more than is necessary. It's an approach in keeping with the ProMera Sports aim of helping every individual to achieve their personal goals.