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Martin and Pleasance

Martin and Pleasance
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Ki Immune Defence
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Harmony Menopause
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After a century and a half in the business, there's no doubt that Martin and Pleasance is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in the natural medicine and remedies industry. The company is driven by a trio of core values: integrity, quality and innovation. 


Australian Made and Owned


Martin and Pleasance is proud to be Australian owned, and to offer Australia-made goods to the market. Not only does this local focus mean that Martin and Pleasance supplements adhere to the strict standards of manufacturing insisted upon by the Australian government, it also means that any money spent on their products contributes directly to a flourishing national economy. 


Traditional Preparation Methods


Given their long history, Martin and Pleasance continue to utilise the traditional preparation methods that made them successful from the outset. These techniques draw on strategies that have been tried and tested over and over again. The company also focuses on using raw materials and on ensuring that ingredients sourced from nature retain as many nutrients as possible. 


With this traditional know-how as their basis, the company adds the latest in scientific research and food technology to pioneer brand new supplements, and to bring improvements to old products. Hence, the Martin and Pleasance brand represents the perfect marriage of old and new. 


An Impressive Portfolio


Boasting a high level of product performance and continued customer satisfaction and loyalty, Martin and Pleasance has built an expansive and varied brand portfolio. Members include Vital Nutrition, Herbal Creams, Zen, Ki, and Bach Flower Remedies. Consequently, the company is able to meet an exhaustive range of needs and lifestyles.


For the Sporty's Health Customer


Sporty's Health stocks a handpicked selection of Martin and Pleasance supplements. Harmony MENOPAUSE is a herbal medicine based on both Western and Chinese medicine. It contains a meticulously determined blend of six herbs and three nutrients, all renowned for bringing relief to the symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, fluid retention and joint aches. 


There are also two Martin and Pleasance products that provide invaluable assistance to immune function. The potent KI Cold and Flu Attack speeds up the body's response as soon as a cold or flu arrives, as well as providing relief from symptoms such as cough, fever and congestion. KI Immune Defence and Vitality Formula is more of a general use product, which assists with fighting specific colds, but can also help with managing fatigue, increasing energy levels and maximising stamina.