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Salt Stick Capsules
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Saltstick is the manufacturer of Saltstick products, a new wave in health food products that utilise quality controlled processes to create an electrolyte replacement that is second-to-none. Saltstick's mission statement is to provide quality nutritional supplements that satisfy the consumer's desire for scientifically proven performance. Saltstick's slogan, "nutrition for moving bodies", is aimed at the growing segment of consumers who are not full-time elite athletes, but take their training seriously, and want to maximise performance. 

Each Saltstick product is FDA approved, and the products are designed in consultation with elite athletes, nutritionists, dietitians, and sports physiologists. Unlike other nutritional supplements, Saltstick products are developed and used by competitive sportspeople. The original designer was an elite level triathlete who saw a need for an electrolyte replacement that was easily dispensed under harsh racing conditions. With a PhD in organic chemistry, Jonathan Toker combines his passion for the sport of triathlon, his desire to maximise performance and to share his amazing product with other endurance athletes and the general public in Saltstick. Having Jonathan at the helm of the manufacturing process ensures quality control, and support of local manufacturing and sports industries and retailers of fine nutritional supplements. 

Designed for the harshest conditions, Saltstick products replenish electrolytes lost through intense exercise. At a cellular level, the fluid composition is disturbed through lost sodium and other electrolytes. Often this manifests as cramps, as any athlete has experienced. To restore the intra-cellular balance, electrolytes are needed as part of fluid replacement during periods of intense exercise. Saltsticks were developed to solve this problem in a convenient capsule form, maximising bio availability, reducing the time taken for the correct fluid composition to be restored. 

Saltstick products have been marketed worldwide since 2006, and the quality of ingredients, perfect product packaging, and the reliability of performance have ensured that they have been successful in over 15 countries. Perseverance in design, and sourcing the best partners, enabled the Saltstick to be approved Patent 7204391 and the manufacturing process began; utilising injection moulding to create an integrated product that is an extension of the bicycle, and in turn an extension of the rider. 

The mission was to enable athletes to replenish electrolytes conveniently, quickly and safely, in a dispenser that protects the quality product from the vagaries of the elements. Waterproof and shockproof, the Saltstick product and dispenser system is an indispensable product for any triathlete who values safety and performance.