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Health Supplements

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Aged Garlic
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Allergy Supplements
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Antiviral Supplements
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Barley Grass Powder
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Bladder Supplements
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Blood Sugar Control
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Bone Health
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Celery Supplements
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Childrens Health
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Cold and Flu
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Cold Sores
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Cramps & Spasms
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Digestive Health
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Energy Supplements
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Essential Fatty Acid
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Estrogen Blockers
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Eye Care
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Fibre Supplements
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Fish Oil
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Flaxseed Oil
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Grape Seed Extract
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Heart Health
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Immune Boosters
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Kidney Health
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Krill Oil
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Liver Health
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Liver Tonic
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MCT Oils
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Mens Health
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Milk Thistle
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Nausea Supplements
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Olive Leaf Extract
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Skin Supplements
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Superfood Powder
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Testosterone Boosters
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Thyroid Supplements
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UTI Supplements
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Womens Health
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ZMA Supplements
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About Health Supplements

Sporty's Health stock a wide range of health supplements, including herbs, whole food extracts, amino acids and proteins, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and so much more! This category of Health Supplements contains a broad range of products, designed to suit a range of needs, with products to support vegan dietary plans, kid's health and the nutritional demands of elite athletes, to name a few.


Countless body systems can be supported with the right blend of nutrients, herbal medicines and whole food extracts. With biological effects such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, you can be sure that this range of Health Supplements has something to suit your needs. These days, many use health supplements to assist in the prevention of chronic degenerative disease, for the maintenance of optimal helth and to improve quality of life.


The mineral content of soil has significantly declined over the past century due to robust farming practices that support the world's exploding population. A study published in 2004 by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition examined the nutritional content of 43 different fruits and vegetables using data from 1950 through to 1999. Their research highlighted 36% drops in riboflavin, 6% declines in protein and reductions in calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C. Even if we eat as much fresh produce as people did back in 1950, we simply won't get the same amount of nutrition. This is one of the many ways in which multi-vitamins and minerals can help, as they provide some of the nutritional basics.


We all know that a balanced diet is important. However, the most difficult part of this is determining what a balanced diet actually is. Is the one-size-fits-all approach to diet necessarily a good thing? We all respond to food in slightly different ways, which is determined by subtle variances in our genes and their varying expressions. The way we digest food, how our immune system reacts to proteins, and our metabolic needs for different nutrient concentrations can differ a great deal. Health Supplements, such as a multivitamin and mineral, is a great way to ensure that we at least will meet our daily quota for the essential micronutrients.


Sportys Health offer a comprehensive range of immune support products—great for the colder months of the year—superfood and alkalising powders, anti-stress and anxiety formulations and even supplements to assist memory and concentration. We only stock high quality products and trust you will find a suitable formulation to take you one step closer towards achieving your health goals.