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Electrolyte Tablets & Pills

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About Electrolyte Tablets & Pills

Electrolyte Tablets and Pills are a convenient way to supplement with the electrolytes required to maintain performance and human health. These products offer convenience, without the need for mixing and ensuring you have the ideal powder to water ratio. Certainly, electrolyte capsules contain much less sugar, sweeteners and flavours than gels, as well as less plastic packaging to deal with. Simply swallow the capules with water, and you'll receive the eletrolyte benefits with zero fuss.


Electrolyte capsules and tablets are a great addition to an intra-workout if you're losing plenty of sweat and feel you need a hydration boost. Training or competing in the heat certainly ramps up this process, as does humidity, which slows the process of sweat evaporation and body cooling. Keeping dehydration and heat stress to a minimum is essential to performance and an optimal recovery. 


Simply take the Electrolyte Tablets or Pills with the recommended amount of water as directed on the packaging. This ensures that the minerals are utilised by your body in the most beneficial way so you can continue to power ahead. Pick from an encapsulated product or a fizzy dissolvable tablet that tastes great.