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Protein Snacks

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About Protein Snacks

When you're looking for a tasty morsel loaded with flavour and nutrition, protein snacks are a great way to go. Not only can they satisfy a craving, but also ensure that you have a quality protein source, loaded with the essential amino acids. Protein snacks come in many forms, such as pancakes, cookies, cake bites, omelettes (if you're really hungry) and even low-calorie custards! There simply is no need to miss out on flavour when you are looking for a healthy proteinaceous way to get you through the day. 


Each protein snack has been carefully crafted to not only taste good, but also provide you with every essential amino acid the human body needs. Whether you are watching your weight, building muscle, recovering from exercise or simply looking for a tasty alternative to a bag of chips, our range has something to please everyone. The protein cookies and cake bites work well as morning or afternoon tea snacks, while the protein pancakes and omelettes are good options for breakfast, or snacks for those that are really hungry. And we even have dessert covered with a high-protein low-calorie custard!


There is even a low calorie peanut butter powder, that quite frankly, some customers have developed quite the addiction to! It works well in protein shakes, smoothies and for baking as well, adding that delicious nutty flavour that we can sometimes miss when limiting calorie-rich foods, like full-fat peanut butter, as delicious as they may be. If you like to get creative in the kitchen, or just love the taste of peanuts, then this type of protein snack is for you.


The important of quality protein can not be overstated when it comes to human nutrition. Regardless of activity level, age or gender, protein delivers us the basic building blocks that our body needs to keep healthy. This valuable macronutrient is important for so much more than just supporting the recovery of muscle tissue. We need amino acids for organ health, maintaining soft tissues like collagen, bones, teeth, neurotransmitters in the brain and a great deal more. In fact, one of the essential amino acids, called tryptophan, supports mood and a positive outlook as a precursor to brain serotonin. This neurotransmitter is actually converted to melatonin in the pineal gland at night. Melatonin—the natural sleep molecule—sedates us, helps to regenerate the brain and has an antioxidant effect. 


So if we've spiked your curiosity, then put down those chocolate bars or potato chips—even better, fertilise a tree with them—and check out our range of protein snacks.