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Scivation Xtend BCAA
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Scivation Xtend Healthy Hydration
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Xtend Ripped
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Scivation is a company that commits to providing excellence in its products, its research and most importantly, its results. Scivation partners with suppliers of the finest raw materials to create new compounds and rigorously tests them for efficiency and quality before being totally satisfied they can be released under the Scivation name.

Fastidious Research

Research plays a huge role in the development of products and Scivation takes pride in their quality measures for both ingredients and the manufacturing process itself. Testing is done, not only in the laboratory, but with real life conditions, out in the field or in the gym. Every facet of the product and what goes with it, the training and enhancement of physique, is taken into account.

It’s Not Just About Chemistry

Undoubtedly, chemistry plays a major role in the creation of supplements. Scivation strives for a perfect blend of the right flavour systems, moisture content, dissolving factors, particle sizes and other physiologies that are vital for achieving top quality and efficient performance and nutritional products.

However, using all the right chemistry is not enough. The compounds need to be examined in relevant biological circumstances. This is where the company excels, and Scivation supplements undergo rigorous tests for toxicology, safety and efficacy are undertaken before human models are finally introduced to the testing regime.

Attention to Best Practice

A lot of behind the scenes work involves taking care of all the practices of an excellent manufacturer. Compliance with regulations in the food and drug industry, FDA, and all manufacturing regulations concerning operations are all taken very seriously and incorporated in to Scivation’s best practice methods.

Better Science- Better Product

A strong belief that they produce the highest quality and most effective products, results from their underlying meticulous approach to science. Scivation wants to set itself well apart from companies that tack themselves onto some professional or celebrity name, or companies that throw together a mishmash of impressive sounding chemicals, releasing them into the market without performing any background development or testing.

These types of products are destined to gather dust on shelves because they have no scientific underpinning or haven’t been tested in real world situations. Consumers will ultimately discover their ineffectiveness. Scivation is determined that their products are scientifically proven and stand up to true tests of performance. Real results for consumers
showing the physical impacts of better physiques or improved strength and performance are what matters to the company.


Scivation is responsible for one of the biggest selling intra-workout products on the market today - Scivation Xtend - a blend of branched chain amino acids, glutamine and electolytes to feed the muscles during workout performance and to prevent muscle catabolism.