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High Protein Low Sugar Protein Bars

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Aussie Bodies Whip'd Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$2.50 - $54.95
$2.95 - $79.95
15% - 31% OFF
BSc High Protein Bars
54 (1 reviews)  
$3.95 - $39.95
$5.50 - $39.95
28% - 0% OFF
Musashi High Protein Bar
9 (0 reviews)  
34% OFF
Horleys Protein 33 Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$3.95 - $44.95
$4.50 - $49.95
12% - 10% OFF
Musashi Deluxe Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
12% OFF
BSc Collagen Low Carb Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
$3.95 - $39.95
$4.95 - $49.95
20% OFF
Smart Protein Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
17% OFF
Chief Beef Bar
0 (0 reviews)  
14% OFF

About High Protein Low Sugar Protein Bars

With flavours like birthday cake, dark chocolate, salted caramel and blueberry cheesecake, who says a high-protein low-sugar diet has to be painful? This range of Sporty's Health bars are loaded with puality protein, so you can rest assured that you will receive a complete protein with plenty of amino acids to support recovery, lean muscle and optimal health.


Essential Amino Acids promote protein synthesis in the human body, important to support the health of tissues, organs, muscle and more. Quality protein source and the balanced range of amino acids, promotes muscle protein synthesis, recovery and adaptation to exercise. The more demanding and frequent the exercise, the more benefit can be derived from quality protein. 


These protein bars are the best options for diabetics, prediabetics (low insulin sensitivity) or anyone following a ketogenic program. However, check the nutrition panel and ingredients first to be sure that the sugar and carbohydrate content meet your requirements. Low sugar protein bars certainly are a good alternative to unhealthy snack foods, like chips, chocolate bars and candy.


High Protein Low Sugar Protein Bars can be slipped into the back pocket, handbag or gymbag. This makes it perfectly simple for you to not miss that mid-morning protein hit or to avoid a lunch that doesn’t tick the all the health boxes. With a Sporty's Health High Protein Low Sugar Protein Bar, promote lean muscle mass, blood sugar stability and recovery from exercise.