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Protein Balls

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About Protein Balls

Protein Balls are a convenient way to enjoy a convenient protein hit on the go. When you're out shopping or busy with work, when it's all too easy to snatch up some doughnuts or takeaway, it's good to have a backup-a failsafe-to prevent a caloric disaster. Or maybe you're ultra organised to the "t", and simply want a delicious high-protein snack to enjoy as a regular part of a quality mixed diet?


Extra protein can make all the difference when it comes to recovering from exercise and building lean muscle. All of the protein sources that are used in these products are of a high quality. Contained within the protein molecules of these Protein Balls are groups of powerhouse nutrients called the essential amino acids, as well as a host of conditionally-essential and non-essential amino acids.


Slip a bag of balls or cake bites into your pocket or handbag and be ready to face the day! Whether it's morning tea, afternoon tea, to supplement a low-protein meal or to take after exercise, Protein Balls deliver the goods and tantalise the taste buds without breaking the bank balance.