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Protein Balls

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About Protein Balls

Protein Balls are the perfect way to enjoy a tasty protein hit on the go. When you're out shopping or busy with work, it can be too easy grabbing whatever is handy when hunger strikes. This is when being prepared makes all the difference to your long-term health, body composition and exercise performance. Let's face it, carbs and fats are easy to find in processed and packaged form. However, delicious protein treats based on whole foods are something else entirely.


Quality protein promotes healthy adaptation and recovery from exercise, supporting natural lean muscle gain. The protein sources in this range of premium protein balls are of a high quality, offering plenty of naturally occurring amino acids. Within this amino acid profile are the nine essential amino acids plus a host of non-essentials as well.


Protein balls make for the perfect snack. Try slipping a bag into your pocket or handbag and be ready to face the day, knowing that when the muchnies strike, you will be prepared! Whether it's morning tea, afternoon tea, to supplement a low-protein meal or to take after exercise, Protein Balls deliver the goods and tantalise the taste buds without breaking the bank balance.