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Supplements for Poor Circulation

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About Supplements for Poor Circulation

The circulatory system is a network of biological pipes that ensures, with the aid of the heart, that blood gets distributed to all of the cells of the body. The blood carries important nutrients, such as oxygen and essential amino acids, that cells need to perform their tasks, whether that be to repair damaged tissue or to produce ATP molecules (energy). There are many little problems that can occur with the circulatory system, just as there can be with a system of pipes that carries water around a home. House pipes can of course get blocked or damaged. In the case of the circulatory system, our network of blood vessels can sometimes become too narrow, perhaps due to constriction and/or plaque build up, or sometimes obstructions can take the form of blood clots.


Some of the more common conditions that affect the circulatory system are vasoconstriction (blood vessels too narrow), spider veins and varicosities (blood vessels bulge too wide in some areas) and blood clots. There are many herbal medicines and nutrients that can be used to assist with the management of some of these. For instance, when there is a pronounced vasoconstriction, blood vessels can be “opened up” or dilated with the use of nitric oxide enhancers.


Nitric oxide is a gas that we naturally produce in the body. It signals the smooth muscles—the muscle that surrounds a blood vessel—to relax, thus allowing the blood vessel to open up. This allows more volume of blood to flow through. This can also be great method for managing high blood pressure and to enhance nutrient delivery to skeletal muscle tissue during exercise. Naturally, as a blood vessel dilates, the pressure inside them is reduced. One of the best nutrients to support this process is Citrulline Malate, though Arginine or Arginine AKG may also be used.


Ginkgo Biloba is popular to enhance cerebral circulation, which may assist with nutrient delivery to the brain and therefore improve the health of the neurons of the brain, thus supporting focus and memory. Hawthorn is also an excellent herb to assist with the contractile ability of the heart and decrease blood pressure and improve vascular health. Ginger is also great for improving blood vessel dilation and the delivery of blood to tissues. Cold hands and feet can be a sign that blood flow to the extremities may be limited.