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Clif Bar

Clif Bar
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Clif Bar Energy Bar
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Clif Bloks
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The existence of Clif Bar Products is thanks to a 175-mile long bicycle trip. The founder of the company, Gary, was pedalling along, chewing on an energy bar, but not particularly enjoying the taste of it. So he decided that he could come up with something better. He refers to the moment as 'an epiphany'.

Two Years Chasing the Perfect Recipe

Gary spent the next two years in his mother's kitchen, coming up with ideas, writing up recipes, cooking and testing. Hundreds of sessions later, he came up with the ideal bar, which he named 'Clif', after his father, Clifford. Gary says that his dad is his hero, as well as his travelling companion. The two of them tackled the Sierra Nevada together. Not only is the Clif Bar designed to taste amazing, it's also made to deliver maximum amounts of energy. 

Organic, Ethical Ingredients

The philosophy behind Clif Bar products is to create food that's as nutritious, healthy and good for both people and the environment as possible. Consequently, Clif Bar products are all organic. They're comprised of ingredients that are produced without the use of pesticides or nasty chemicals. Plus, there's no added high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or trans fats.



The Clif Bar and Company is driven by five different aspirations, all of which are about promoting sustainability. Through their practices, they seek to support the sustainability of the planet, their community, their people, their business and their brands. In other words, their business model is one that marries long-term commercial success with far-sighted social and environmental goals. 

They're even running a couple of sustainability awareness programmes at the moment - 'Born on a Bike', which is an online campaign promoting cycling; and 'Wild and Scenic', which facilitates the hosting of environmental film festivals in people's backyards.

Clif Bar Products for the Sporty's Client

For the Sporty's client, Clif Bar Energy, Protein Bars offer a great source of energy (perfect for the adventure or endurance athlete) , as well as a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They're made up of a tasty blend of whole grains, including organic brown rice, soy, barley and oats, as well as intense fibre sources, derived from oats, apples, flaxseed and psyllium. Many of the important vitamins are present, including the B Group (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12), A, C, D and E. Protein content totals at 10g in every bar, and there are even dashes of calcium and magnesium.