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Mass Gainer Stack

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About Mass Gainer Stack

Mass Gainer Stacks are a great place to start when you have no idea where to start! Each stack delivers a calorie-loaded protein powder, which gives you plenty of energy to power through workouts and maximise gains. After all, consuming more calories means more energy to train and lift those big weights. And when calorie intake is higher, people tend to have more motivation to train harder. Additionally, we need a positive energy balance in order to gain muscle with ease. This is where the calorie-rich powders can be super helpful. 



Other products you will see in some of these Mass Gainer Stacks are creatine, night time protein formulas and amino acids. Creatine is an excellent product for muscle gain, as it assists with explosive strength and power. This maximises performance during training and increases muscle growth after training. Additionally, creatine-based products assist with muscle fluid uptake and can lead to a quick muscle bulk. This effect is increased when creatine is mixed with a high GI carbohydrate, like dextrose (glucose). 



Night time protein formulations are a great option for those wanting to stabilise their blood amino acid levels throughout the night. This helps to keep you in an anabolic state while you sleep. That's right, sleep gains folks! The amino acid formulations are great for use during exercise sessions, or between meals, especially when active. Again, these assist with maintaining anabolic signals in the body.