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Top Energy Supplements in 2021

Posted on March 13, 2021

Top Energy Supplements in 2021Dividerimage


Not sleeping enough or eating enough quality food? Or maybe you’re over-stressed and simply down in the dumps.


Regardless, we all know the net effect. The desire to sink into a well-cushioned couch for a few hours when it's just not possible.


As it turns out, the reasons we look for energy supplements are about as varied as our clothing preferences.


For example, holistic support for chronic fatigue syndrome compared to a short-lived caffeine burst for an all-night gaming session.


Obviously, the approach to these different requirements is quite different.



Today there are gaming nootropic formulas available and high caffeine pre-workouts, just as there are natural mitochondrial support to promote healthy ATP synthesis.


With everything from natural caffeine sources, including Guarana, Green Tea, Green Coffee, Ginsengs, pure caffeine, COQ10 and greens blends, the health market has plenty on offer.  


Just remember, if you play the short-term energy game with caffeine and stimulants, at some point it will probably all come crashing down.


This is when the artificial energy highs have amped up your energy levels without the nutritional resources needed to sustain this level of activity.


After all, there’s a reason we experience fatigue.


Typically, it’s our body telling us something about our diet, lifestyle, relationships, environment or mood.




So choose wisely, and go as holistic as possible!


Energy Supplements without Caffeine

How do we boost energy levels without a stimulant like caffeine?


As it turns out, it’s not that easy.


Not in the short-term anyway.


Many clinical trials have failed to achieve this.


A relative newcomer to the supplements has shown some interesting results. Inositol Stabilised Arginine Silicate has the ability to increase pre-workout energy levels, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2015.


In addition, this novel form of Arginine improved mental flexibility, processing speed, executive functioning and even increased muscle pumps after exercise.


You don’t have to lift weights to take it either.


In fact, this nutrient is being hailed as a powerful nootropic, enhancing energy levels via a cognitive boost.


Watch out for it in pre-workouts and nootropic enhancers.


Another group of supplements that can promote energy without caffeine are the ginsengs. There are a number of herbs generally referred to as Ginseng, including Panax (Korean) Ginseng, American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha or Withania) and Tienchi Ginseng.


Ginseng-4-Energy.jpgPanax, Siberian and Indian Ginseng’s tend to be the most effective at promoting natural energy.


However, like most herbal extracts, they need to be taken daily over a period of months to derive the greatest benefit.


Unlike caffeine, which is fast acting and rapidly wears off, natural energy promoters up-regulate energy levels via a number of mechanisms which take time to come into full effect.


So take a daily dose and give it a few months to the assess effectiveness of these supplements.



Healthy Energy Supplements for Working Out

If you’re not much into pre-workouts stacked with artificial sweeteners and flavours and enough caffeine to wake the dead, there are some healthier alternatives available.


Ideally, moving away from pure caffeine powders, such as caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, and sticking to whole green tea, green coffee and other natural foods or herbal extracts is a healthier option.


And with the massive range of pure amino acid powders available today, you can in fact make your own pre-workout with a natural whole foods caffeine base anyway.


This way you get all the benefits of a standard pre-workout, without the artificial additives and zero caffeine anhydrous.


Take X50 for instance. This product packs plenty of natural Green Tea antioxidants and resveratrol, as well as natural flavour.




Each sachet contains 84mg of caffeine too. So you should feel a nice little kick to get you motivated to train.


Body Science TX100 will also do the trick, offering 50mg natural caffeine per sachet.


These sachets both work well as a natural flavour base with antioxidants and natural caffeine to create your own customized pre-workout.


Into this you can stack any number of pure amino acid powders. If you want to promote nitric oxide, muscle circulation and pumps, go for Muscletech Citrulline Malate and beetroot juice for natural nitrates.


If you really want to ramp up energy, shoot for L-Tyrosine powder and Vitamin C to support catecholamines and adrenal health.


How about enhancing strength and power? Stack X50 or TX100 with Creatine powder and again, fresh beetroot juice for natural betaine.


If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s always Nutra-Life Guarana Ginseng capsules, packing 70mg Guarana derived caffeine with Siberian and Panax Ginseng.


Or you can always go for one of the many coffee products available, such as Before You Speak, Coffee Switch, X50 Revolver and BSc Clean Coffee.


Energy Supplements for Studying

Whether it’s a looming assignment, epic work project or simply the learning-something-new of everyday life, nootropic supplements have become popular for a reason.


And unfortunately, we human beings are finding it harder and harder to focus.




In fact, a recent Microsoft funded study showed that the human attention span is decreasing by around 88% per year!


It’s hard to believe, I know.


This effect is thought to be due to the tech revolution, and our constant distractions from focus, induced by smart phones and social media as primary culprits.


However, it could also be the EMF exposure associated with the tech that has infiltrated our lives?


Regardless, more and more we’re looking for something to kick our brains into high gear so we can tackle reading material and learn new skills with seamless ease.


Often, this means we are looking for something sweet to spike our blood sugar levels or a strong cup of coffee.


Fortunately, supplements have been developed to assist with this process …


Faction-Labs-Attention-Strawberry-Melon.jpgFaction Labs released a quality nootropic, called Attention, designed to enhance focus, memory and learning ability, whilst offering a calming effect.


Attention packs the power of Lion’s Mane mushroom, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC, Bacopa monnieri and much more.  


For best results, take it daily whether you need to study or not, and save your dosage for the start of your typical study time.


One of the most popular worldwide supplements for study is coffee. The not so humble coffee bean has become a reliable study enhancer.


There are a number of coffee products available to promote energy and cognitive power, including Before You Speak, BSc Clean Coffee and Coffee Switch.


Coffee Switch contains a bit more than your average cup, including seven medicinal mushrooms, Alpinia, Turmeric, Huperzine A and Medium Chain Triglycerides.


BSc Clean Coffee offers mood support, with Bluenesse and MCTs for mental energy, while Before You Speak contains Siberian Ginseng, Green Coffee, Turmeric and Black Pepper.


X50 also offer a coffee product called Revolver, which includes over 5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per serve with medium chain triglycerides.


Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, is a condition associated with unrelenting fatigue of unknown origin.


In fact, it can be so severe for some that it literally feels like the life is being drained out of them in the moment, without any perceivable cause.


It can be serious and affect all aspects of life, including employment, social activities, relationships, self-care and much more.


Given the severity of the condition, many researchers are still scrambling to learn more about it.




At this stage, it is believed to be a multi-factorial condition and may include factors such as toxin and pollution exposure, mental and emotional issues such as boredom or depression, hypothyroidism, low cortisol levels, digestive issues, food sensitivities, electromagnetic radiation exposure, nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin B12 or iron, sub-clinical infections and much more.


Determining the cause with a competent healthcare practitioner is always the best place to start.


However, there are some clinical trials that have determined benefits for sufferers of this condition with benign supplements.


You’ve probably heard of Coenzyme Q10 before. This powerful nutrient supports a process in the mitochondria called oxidative phosphorylation, the last step in ATP or energy synthesis.


As you can probably imagine, without healthy mitochondria and enough of them, ATP levels can be low, contributing to fatigue.


A study examined Ubiquinol, the active form of COQ10, and its effects on chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers, indicating a reduction in symptoms, including enhanced cognitive function.




Another common supplement not typically taken for this condition is L-Carnitine, with research showing improved clinical status in 12 of 18 parameters chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.


Herbs-of-Gold-Mind-Ease.jpgThe natural product was shown to be safe and effective for the management of this condition. In addition, research has shown that it reduces muscle pain after exercise, supports muscle gain in older age.


Withania somnifera, also known as Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry and Ashwagandha, is a particularly potent herbal medicine offering a variety of benefits.


Though not clinically trialed in chronic fatigue syndrome, it has been shown to offer benefits to promote healthy energy levels, along with balancing hormones, such as cortisol and DHEA, and even supporting healthier food choices if you’re stress-eating.


Another couple of product worth looking into are resveratrol, shown to enhance mitochondria levels, and Astragalus.


Of course, there are plenty of quality natural remedies to try for any seriously fatigued individual, once all severe medical causes have been ruled out.


For instance, essential amino acids, colloidal minerals, Shilajit, Terrahydrite, mycelium mushroom extracts, EMF protection devices, meditation and much more.


Energy Supplements for Afternoon Energy

It’s often around 3 in the afternoon when energy levels can start to dip off. And the nearest soft surface can become appealing for a snooze, even if you’re at work.


Perhaps you had a high carb lunch, enjoyed the energy and flavour rush and are now on the way down. Or maybe you’re a diligent hard worker and have simply run out of mental juice.


Anyway you carve it, it’s nice to be prepared come three O-clock so you down have to re-actively tear open a bag of chips or start guzzling coffee.


For that afternoon slump there are typically two options here: a protein fix, like a protein bar, cookie or shake, or a natural energy supplement, such as a powdered green tea.


Protein at this time can offer several benefits, apart from triggering protein synthesis to support overall health and exercise recovery.


Though protein itself does not contain carbohydrates or sugars, it does have a mild impact on blood sugar via a pathway called gluconeogenesis.


This basically means a small amount of the protein will be converted to blood sugar. And this may be all you need to bump you back up if a blood sugar dip, especially in the brain, is contributing to the afternoon slump.


There are a range of quality green tea products that are available in sachets, such as X50 and TX100. They do contain caffeine, typically under 100mg per sachet.


This can often be enough to get you buzzing again and ready for the last couple hours of work before the day is done.


A research paper published in 2002 showed that coffee completely reversed afternoon memory declines experienced by older adults.


So if you’re not going to climbing the walls al night instead of sleeping, coffee is always an option as well.



Though you may not be an older adult experiencing an absolute cognitive decline, there’s no doubt that coffee has still got something to offer.




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