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Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition
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Universal Nutrition is a company which creates high quality nutritional supplements and formulas for sports and health-conscious people while keeping the pricing competitive. It is a company which puts its money where its mouth is, and doesn’t contract other manufacturers to create its products, preferring instead to take on full responsibility for the design, manufacture and promotion of quality nutritional supplements. 

The manufacturing process for Universal Nutrition supplements is started, completed, and followed through by a team of scientists, professional athletes and trainers, and all products are tested thoroughly before release to the public. Because this company listens to its customers, it develops the kind of products they need, right down to making whey protein mixes which are easier on the stomach, even for the lactose intolerant. 

What is Universal Nutrition particularly good at?

Universal Nutrition prides itself on great customer service, encouraging trainers to contact them about products for both negative and positive feedback. They say that you will never get an answer machine when you call their number; instead you can talk to a real person who will provide you with personalised solutions to any issues you might have. Not many companies do that!

The proof is in the tasting, and this company is renowned for making genuinely good flavours. For more than 20 years, Universal Nutrition has been designing and bringing to market some great products which do exactly what they’re supposed to. During that 20 year period, the company has had ample time to be proven duds, but instead their customers can’t say a bad thing about them. 

What are Universal Nutrition’s best products?

One of their best-sellers is Real Gains, a hard mass gainer, which provides excess clean calories with very little sugar, to help bodybuilders bulk up without excess body fat. Independent reviewers across the world give this product 10/10 both overall and for flavour. 

Another of Universal Nutrition’s best-selling products is Ultra Whey Pro which promotes protein synthesis. The mixability found by independent reviewers and bloggers was thought to be one of the best available, since the product just disappears into the liquid without leaving a single clump. All good, and it goes to show that Universal Nutrition really have done their research. 

Universal Nutrition supplements have been created with a view to providing innovative solutions to the problems met by bodybuilders and trainers, and their amino-acid-laden protein powders are only the start of many good products that really work.