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What does BCAA stand for?

Posted on June 26, 2017

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We have all been there before. You start out on your journey to sculpt a new you. Mentally and Physically. Changes are made, you spend the time researching new diets and workout plans to maximise your time in and out of the gym. You sleep more, you wake up hurting, but it is all worth it. Things are happening, you’re getting noticed and people are saying things like, “Hey! You’re looking good, are you working out?” and “Why are you eating rice? People don’t eat rice for breakfast”. You’re feeling great, you know everything and people are asking you lots of questions. Then it happens. That moment when you feel like you have just walked into a bar in an old western movie and everything goes silent except for a baby crying.  Somebody asks you Have you ever had BCAAs before?” You lift you head up slowly, tip your favourite workout trucker hat up a little with the sweat dripping from your brow, look them in the eye and whisper “N-n-no, don’t even know what BCAA even stands for”. Well you’re in luck, here at Sporty’s Health we know a fair amount about health, supplements and BCAAs. So we can let you know what BCAA stands for and we will even let you know how BCAAs can help you.

BCAA, what is it? 

BCAA stand for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Plain and simple. Three amino acids make up the group of BCAAs and they are:

• Leucine

• Isoleucine

• Valine

The BCAAs are all Essential Amino Acids and we need to get them either from diet or supplements as our body can’t manufacture them. If you are looking at boosting your BCAA intake using food you will more than likely be already eating the protein rich food that have the highest BCAA count. These are foods like beef, fish, chicken, eggs and more. The difference between eating your BCAAs and/or using a  BCAA supplement is in the supplement they are already pre-digested and ready for absorption. This makes supplementing with BCAAs daily a great option for you if you are training. Supplementing with BCAAs not only gives you a quick uptake of nutrients, it ensures you are getting your intake of Essential Amino Acids in for the day too. There are many other Essential Amino Acids that you get from your diet but the Branched-Chain Amino Acids are a bit special in the ways they work. Especially if you are dieting or training.

How can BCAAs help me? 

There are many reasons why you should keep track of your BCAA intake daily. Here are some of the main reasons how BCAAs can help you:

• Daily body functions

• Protein synthesis

• Energy production

• Cognitive function

• Performance

• Endurance

• Recovery time

• Support weight management

As you can see, BCAAs can play an important role in your body and you need to make sure you are getting enough of them either through diet or supplements.

When do you need to take BCAAs?

This relates to supplementing your BCAAs. We would hope you would still be eating and getting most of your daily Essential Amino Acid intake through the foods you are eating. When to take BCAAs can come down to a few things; the type of diet you are on, the type of athlete you are and what your goals are. You have a few options on when to use BCAAs to help your recovery and training.

•  Pre Workout / Training

•  During Workout / Training (Intra)

•  After Workout / Training

• Throughout the day

We will elaborate for you the above timings and also give you a few different ways you can use your BCAA supplements.

Pre Training BCAA 

If you use your BCAA supplement pre training it is better 20 to 30 minutes before. This gives the aminos time to digest into your system and be available for your body to use when you hit the gym or whatever exercise you are doing.

During Training BCAA

Secondly is during training. You have your pre workout supplement or go through your normal pre workout / training routine and then sip on your BCAA supplement throughout your training.

After Training BCAA 

After training is another time you can take your BCAA supplement. We recommend if you are using your BCAA supplements after training you have another recommended dose. You can still have a protein shake after this as well if you think that you will need it to help your recovery.

During the Day BCAA

Finally, you can sip on your BCAA supplement through the day. Mix it up and keep it close having sips every now and then. Make sure you are still having water throughout your day on top of the BCAAs too as you need to still keep hydrated.

BCAA Suggested Daily Use

Alternatively, here is a way you help maximise your workout / training using a BCAA supplement.
Here is a suggestion you might want to try:

• 30 minutes out, have your Pre-Workout / Training Supplement

• At the same time mix up your BCAA Supplement

• Sip on BCAA Supplement leading into Workout / Training

• Leave enough so you can continue to sip BCAA Supplement during Workout / Training

• Complete Workout / Training

• Have second serve of BCAA Supplement straight after Workout / Training

• Mix Protein Shake and sip on the way out

• Relax and have a meal and watch re-runs of W.W.E back when it was W.W.F

You want to get some BCAAs now, right? 

After learning what BCAA stands for (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) and also getting a bit more information about them and how they may help you we bet you are just itching to get your hands on some to try. We have quite an extensive range here at Sporty’s Health. Too many to list on one page in fact. That is a good thing for you though as you will never get bored trying different flavours and formulas too! There are over 50 different types of BCAA Supplements to choose from currently.
We have BCAA Supplements from the brands ScivationMax’s, Optimum NutritionMusclePharmCellucor, BSN, BSc, Balance and more! 

So here is the link for you that takes you away to this page, BCAA Supplements For You!