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17 Reasons to Devour a Vegan Protein Shake

Posted on October 8, 2018

17 Reasons to Devour a Vegan Protein ShakeDividerimage


When was the last time you hungrily devoured a vegan protein powder? What I mean is, tearing the lid off the tub and scooping more powder than you need into a glass, adding milk-alternative, and just going for it.


Some vegan protein shakes are so tasty these days that you can actually do this. With flavours like salted caramel, choc coconut and vanilla chai that deliver the smooth consistency of velvet, it's easy to go overboard with your serving size! And with the natural fibre content, minerals and bioavailable protein, they make you pretty awesome too.


So why 17 reasons? We could probably list thousands of reasons to hook into a quality vegan protein shake; if we got creative and had some serious time on our hands. Just the essential amino acids alone—Reason #1—that are found in quality vegan shakes have tonnes of vital uses in the body.


Besides, 17 is an interesting number—perfectly odd and not quite even.



17-reasons-vegan-protein.jpgIs a Vegan Protein Shake Healthy?

It’s always a tricky business answering broad questions like this when there are so many variables to take into consideration. And there are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to the functionings of the human body.


If we do not eat enough protein for our needs, or even if we do and our digestion is not functioning too well, then yes, an organic vegan protein powder can be classed as healthy, as long as they contain all natural sweeteners and flavours. Ideally, for the purists, find a plain unflavoured vegan protein with no additives at all.


Essential amino acids are incredibly important nutrients for the human body. Even in developed countries, where protein-rich food is cheap and plentiful, many people still do not eat enough of these quality foods. Why? Because starch, sugar and fat-rich foods often taste better. However, research is indicating, protein rich foods lead to better satiety—Reason #2. A vegan protein shake typically delivers quality bioavailable protein with minimal calories, which is hard to find on a vegan diet—definitely Reason #3, and a cracker too.


 Let’s take EHP Labs Blessed Protein as an example. This delicious product is based on pea protein. Now, the humble pea has been downtrodden over the years, seen by many as inferior to its dairy-based relative, whey protein. Which comes to the important question …


Is Whey Protein Vegan?

No, Whey Protein is derived from cow’s milk.


That was a just in case you weren't 100% sure type of question. After all, we were all beginners in the beginning, when we had just started to delve into the world of nutrition and vegan protein shakes.


Pea protein has often been thought of as containing much lower levels of essential amino acids, and in a poor balance as well, compared to whey protein. All is not lost though, vegan friends. Research is starting to emerge fast to support the use of raw vegan protein powder, whether it be a pea or rice-based protein powder. Check out this research article below, if yo've got some time up your sleeve. I'm not going to lie, it’s quite science-y, but if you give it a crack you're sure to get something out of it. Or you can read the summary in the paragraph beneath it ...

Pea Protein Research Article Abtract

According to this piece of research, pea protein was equally effective as whey protein at supporting adaptation to exercise, which, in this case was improved muscle thickness. In actual fact, the pea protein out-performed the whey protein by 4.6%! However, this small difference was statistically insignificant. Therefore, one could make a case for a Reason #4 from the fact that pea protein is extremely effective at supporting muscular adaptation to resistance exercise.

And remember, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, who published this researchpaper, are one of the most prestigious and well-respected medical sports journals in the world. They really do publish only quality research that they first review extensively and exhaustively.



EHP Labs Blessed Protein delivers raw AND activated pea protein isolate, containing 81% protein, which is spectacular for a flavoured vegan protein. Why do I say this? Once flavouring is added to a product, the protein content, as a percentage, drops. And this is okay, we just have to take a little more to get the protein amount that we need. After all, its prety cool when the product is DEVOUR-worthy. EHP Labs Blessed Protein is raw vegan protein shake at its best.

That’s the beauty of vegan protein powders, they can be as high as 90% protein content—Reason #5. Not just quality, but quantity too.


EHP Labs Blessed Protein contains all natural sweeteners, flavours and even some dietary fibre sources, which are great for digestive health and to keep us fuller for longer. Most organic vegan protein powder is all-natural, containing no artificial sweeteners, flavours or other chemical additives—Reason #6—though to be sure you should always check the ingredients listing. Vegan protein powders come in a range of awesome flavours these days—Reason #7. With Choc Coconut, Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel, EHP Labs have taken gourmet to the next level of all-vegan goodness.




Can vegan protein powder help you lose weight?

Vegan protein powders can be used as a part of a healthy fat loss or weight management program. One of the most important, and often not considered, parts of a good weight loss program is what happens when you finish. Unfortunately, many people put in the hards yards to get in better shape, yet don’t manage to keep the body fat off once they finish. Integrating some aspects of the weight loss program into everyday life helps with this.


Research actually indicates that meal replacements and high protein diets are associated with less rebound weight gain—Reason #8. This is great news for protein. Yipee! Hoorah for vegan protein! Check out the article abstract (introductory snippet) below.

Protein Shakes and Weight Loss Maintenance


Rule 1 Plant Protein can be used to replace one meal per day, as it contains plenty of quality protein derived from pea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and watermelon seed. Pretty interesting blend, huh? It's naturally sweetened and flavoured and comes in choc fudge and vanilla cream.


When to Take Vegan Protein Shakes?

That's the beauty of vegan protein powder that lends itself to being DEVOURED—they are versatile—Reason #9. Vegan protein powder may be taken after exercise to assist with recovery—Reason #10. It can also be used to fill in the gaps between major meals, like morning tea and afternoon tea—Reason #11.

And what about the occasional low protein vegan meal that sneaks into the diet? It’s easy to do. Yes, there may be a mouth-watering satay sauce on top of your wild rice and colourful mix of organic vegetables, but it may not deliver much in the way of quality protein. These meals are great to top off with a 1/2 or 3/4 serve of quality vegan protein—Reason #12.


Let’s face it, a lot of vegan food is not high protein. And that’s okay. Protein is not the only nutrient that we need to stay healthy. It just means we have to take a little more consideration in covering our needs.Just as we would do with other important nutrients that are limited on a vegan diet, such as Vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron. All diet's have limitations, and strengths too. It's just good to be aware, that way we can better accomodate for them.


Designer Physique Pea Protein is a great product that can be used any time of the day. This company offer a 100% Belgium-sourced pea protein, and never use cheaper Chinese varieties of pea protein. It's all natural, of course, and has a nice smooth texture, just like any high quality vegan protein powder should. It delivers a small amount of fibre, which is another benefit of plant proteins—Reasons #13.



The beauty of Designer Physique Pea Protein is that IT COMES IN BUCKETS! That’s right, if you’re a vegan protein powder enthusiast, you can grab a 3 kilogram bucket and scoop away until your heart’s content. But is it DEVOUR-worthy I hear you ask? To which I reply, ooh yeah.


Can a vegan protein shake cause weight gain?

Again, this is one of those tricky questions where delivering a flat YES or NO response would simply be misleading. It’s like one of those court cases you see on a good legal drama series, where the lawyer demands controlled YES or NO responses to some incriminating questions, to which the viewer cringes, due to the misleading nature of the witnesses responses.


Take this as an example. If Jenny eats roughly the same amount of calories that she expends, then she is maintaining her body weight. However, she is not eating quite enough protein for her needs. So, if Jenny were to increase her quality protein intake by 30 grams per day, and decrease her carbohydrate intake by 30 grams daily, then technically she is still consuming the same amount of calories. However, much of this protein will be used for tissue maintenance and building and will not be used for energy, like the 30 grams of carbohydrates were. Therefore, she may find that over time, she starts to lose some body fat.

This happens because protein is more thermogenic than fat and carbohydrates—Reason #14. Not only do we use some of the protein calories for the structure of muscle and other important tissues, but the process of rebuilding these tissues is also quite energy-demanding, which helps to create a calorie deficit—Reason #15.


Generally speaking, vegan protein powders do not contribute to weight gain—Reason #16. Though, if someone has not been eating enough protein for years, they may gain some weight, only initially, in the form of muscle mass and other important tissues as well. This is called lean body mass, and an increase is a very good thing!


A better question might be, Can vegan protein powders cause fat gain? Unless you are already consuming more protein and calories than you need, vegan protein powder will not contribute to fat gain.


So, what else is new in the vegan protein powder market? Royal Hemp Protein Powder is a new product delivering quality nutrition from the amazing and all-powerful hemp! This product is more of a nutrient extravaganza than a straight-out protein powder. It is loaded with beneficial omega 3 and 6, and contains some other hard-to-find fatty acids, like GLA and CLA. These are great for keeping the inflammatory pathways under control and keeping us lean and mean, or ... preferably, lean and emotionally well-balanced.



Vegan Protein powders can contain quite a broad range of helpful minerals, fatty acids and fibre, which makes them supportive of general health—Reason #17.


As you may have noticed by now, there are plenty of reasons to DEVOUR a vegan protein shake. In fact, by my count, there are 17. Though I’m sure you can come up with a plethora—that’s right, a plethora—of other reasons why the top of every fridge should have a tower of vegan protein powders on display. You know, the kind of protein powder stack that sways dangerously every time you open the fridge to find a vegan snack