Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard

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Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard

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Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard


Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard utilises high quality casein milk powerder sourced from New Zealand. 


Casein Custard is a slow-digesting protein powder that allows amino acids to be circulating in the bloodsteam for several hours after ingestion to create an anabolic, muscle-building environment. Casein is naturally high in BCAA's and glutamine to stimulate protein synthesis and assist recovery. Casein Custard is further enhanced with therapeutic grade colostrum to improve digestion and aid immune function which can be depleted with constant, intense physical activity.


Casein Protein Custard delivers anticatabolic effects, increases muscle gains, supports immune function and improves recovery time so your primed for your next workout.


Key feature of Casein Protein Custard:


  • Inhibit catabolism (muscle breakdown)
  • Sustained release of amino acids into the bloodstream
  • Rich source of BCAA's & glutamine
  • Fortified with colostrum
  • 41g protein per serve


Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard Directions:

Mix 60g (3 scoops) in 200mls of cold water or milk in a hand shaker for a smooth, creamy dessert style custared. Alternatively for a smooth creamy shake; Mix 60g (3 scoops) of Protein Custard in 350mls of cold water in a hand shaker.

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Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard Nutritional Information
Servings per container: 30                                                      Serving Size: 60g (3 scoops)
  60g Serve Per 100g
Energy 948kj 1580kj
  227 Cal 378 Cal
Protein 41g 68.5g
Fat, Total 2.4g 3.9g
    Saturated 1.0g 1.7g
Carbohydrate, Total 11.7g 19.5g
    Sugars 5.4g 9g
Sodium 100mg 167mg
Potassium 525mg 875mg
Colostrum 50mg 835mg
Immunoglobulin G 180mg 300mg


Ingredients: Casein, Skim Milk Powder, Flaovur, Emulsifer [Soy Lecithin], Colostrum, Sweetener [Sucralose].


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