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Musashi Pre-Workout
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Musashi Pre-Workout

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25 Serves
Tropical Punch
Lemon Lime
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Musashi Pre-Workout is a powdered nutritional supplement designed to support strength, stamina and motivation during exercise. With creatine to enhance explosive power and Beta-Alanine to boost muscle carnosine levels, this is a pre-workout to quench your thirst for sheer domination in the gym. Experience muscle-fullness like never before with Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine, which enhance nitric oxide production, delivering lasting muscle pumps as a side-effect that makes a bold statement.


Product Features

  • High-Potency Product.
  • 250mg Caffeine per Serve.
  • Boost Energy and Stamina.
  • Support Muscle Pumps.
  • with Creatine and BCAAs.
  • Best Value Pre-Workout.



Musashi Pre Workout Containers




BETA ALANINE: This amino acid delays fatigue during high intensity exercise. Beta alanine is an important precursor for carnosine, a dipeptide naturally present in muscle tissue. Carnosine acts to buffer the increased lactic acid (hydrogen ions) produced during high– intensity (anaerobic) exercise, a contributor to muscle fatigue. Beta-alanine is a rate- limiting factor in the production of carnosine, making supplementation effective. Beta-alanine promotes increased muscle carnosine levels, enhancing acid- buffering capability and delaying muscle fatigue.


L-ARGININE: Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid. It serves as an important building-block for the synthesis of nitric oxide, a natural gas produced in the blood vessels. This gas relaxes the blood vessel smooth muscles, which increases blood flow to the muscles. Arginine supports more efficient oxygen delivery to exercising muscles. Musashi Pre-Workout provides 300mg of this ingredient in each 9 gram serve.


musashi pre-workout: defy your limitsORNITHINE: An amino acid that performs a key role in the urea cycle. The urea cycle functions to remove the build- up of excess ammonia as a result of muscle glycogen depletion (depletion of energy stores). Production of ammonia is thought to be one of the factors that contributes to fatigue during exercise.


BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAAS): These are a subgroup of the 9 essential amino acids. The BCAAs make up approximately 1/3 of the protein found in skeletal muscle and unlike the other amino acids are actually metabolised directly within muscle tissue. The Branched Chain Amino Acids are the preferred amino acids oxidised during endurance training, or high intensity muscle contraction exercises such as weight lifting. Providing BCAAs may help to limit muscle damage and protein catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) and promote the building of lean muscle tissue. This ingredient is an important ingredient in this Musashi Pre-Workout formulation.


CITRULLINE MALATE: Although an amino acid, citrulline is not involved in protein synthesis. Dietary citrulline is taken up by the kidney and metabolised to generate arginine (see above). It is therefore thought to help support dilation of the blood vessels.


L- CARNITINE: Carnitine is a compound found predominantly within the skeletal and cardiac muscle, it facilitates the transport of fatty acids into the cell's mitochondria for oxidation and energy provision. It also assists muscle soreness and may promote muscle protein synthesis as we age.


COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT: This key ingredient provides 250mg of caffeine in each serve of Musashi Pre-Workout. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant, stimulating heart function, blood circulation and the release of adrenaline (a further stimulatory hormone) from the adrenal gland. Caffeine also enhances psychological processes and neural excitability in the brain. This can increase alertness and reduce the perception of effort which may help to delay the onset of fatigue. Due to these effects, caffeine has been theorised to enhance performance in many types of exercise, including endurance, strength, speed and power.


How to Use Musashi Pre-Workout

Add 1 level scoop (9g) to 250 - 300ml of water or other beverage. Take 30 minutes prior to exercise.

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Musashi Pre-Workout Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 9g (Tropical Punch Flavour)

Protein, total
- Gluten
Fat, total
- Saturated
Carbohydrates, total
- Sugars
Creatine Monohydrate
Branched Chain Amino Acids (2:1:1)
Coffee Arabica Seed Extract
- Caffeine
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL
Citrulline Malate
L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Ornithine Monohydrochloride

Musashi Pre-Workout Ingredients

INGREDIENTS: Citrulline (22%), Beta Alanine (13%), Creatine (13%), Bracnhed Chain Amino Acids (11%) [L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)], Dextrose, L-Tyrosine, Acidity Regulators (Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate), L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Coffee Bean Extract, L-Carnitine, Sweetener (Sucralose), Natural Colour (Grape Skin Extract), Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Flavour. Contains Caffeine and Soy.