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EHP Labs IsoPept Zero

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EHP Labs Isopept Zero contains pure whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed WPI to promote rapid absorption and recovery. Each serve of Isopept Zero contains 25 grams of protein, with 2 grams of carbohydrates and around 110 calories, with exceptional flavours and digestibility.


Product Features

  • Gain Lean Muscle.
  • Pure Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Fast Absorption Protein.
  • Low Fat, Low Carb.
  • 5.7g Natural BCAAs.



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IsoPept is a premium quality whey protein isolate and hydrolysate from a trusted Sports Nutrition company with decades of experience. Whether you want to boost post-workout recovery, stimulate lean muscle growth, or simply supplement your diet, this EHP Labs WPI delivers an abundance of essential amino acids, primarily in free and small-peptide form, to ensure your nutritional needs are covered. 


Whey Protein isolate has the highest biological value of any protein yet tested, which is the first ingredient in Isopept Zero. And tonnes of different foods and products have been checked so far. In fact, whey is part of a coveted few that actually have a higher biological value than egg, the gold standard of protein nutrition. This is primarily due to the high essential amino acid content of whey protein, a large proportion of which is leucine.


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Leucine is the trigger that ignites muscle protein synthesis, allowing muscles to utilise all of the essential amino acids it needs to grow or maintain itself. For quality protein nutrition, there really is no way to go past the quality whey protein in Isopept. 


Whey Protein Isolate vs Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Whey protein isolate is simply a whey protein concentrate that has had most of the lactose and milk fat removed, leaving a higher concentration of protein in the finished product.


Hydrolyzed whey protein is typically a whey protein hat has been further processed to break down some of the larger protein molecules into dipeptides, tripepties and free form amino acids. Hydrolysed whey protein can be made from isolate, like that found in EHP Labs IsoPept Zero, or concentrate.


Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Benefits

The free form amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides found in hydrolyzed whey protein are rapidly absorbed without needing any digestion at all. This makes them more rapidly absorbed than whey protein isolate. This makes EHP Isopept ideal for use before, during or after exercise, as the amino acids find their way to the muscle fast.


Hydrolyzed whey protein is typically "light" on the stomach, due to the fact that it is partially (or fully) pre-digested, depending upon the degree of hydrolysis during processing. This can be especially useful for people who are on high calorie diets and experiencing "digestive overload", or anyone who easily bloats or becomes gassy on high protein diets or standard protein shakes. 


EHP Labs Isopept is a fantastic addition to any sports nutrition supplementation regiment. This product contains rich sources of high quality protein peptide fractions, creating the ideal post workout whey protein shake. Isopept Zero is a premium quality nutrient-rich product, ready to deliver you faster recovery and enhanced performance.

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EHP Labs IsoPept Zero Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 33g (1 Scoop)

Carbohydrates, total
- Sugars
- Dietary Fibre
Fat, total
- Saturated
- Trans Fat

INGREDIENTS: Ultra Filtered Premium Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder (Processed with alkali), Natural and Artificial Flavours, Sunflower Oil Creamer, Salt (Sodium Chloride), Sucralose. 


ehp labs isopept amino acid composition