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USP Labs OxyElite Powder Review

Posted on February 21, 2013

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USP Labs OxyElite Overview

USP Labs OxyElite Pro is the world's number one selling fat loss supplement outselling previous bestsellers such as Muscle-Tech Hydroxycut Pro and Nutrex Lipo 6. USP Labs OxyElite Pro consists of a short yet effective blend of ingredients assisting in, increased metabolism, thyroid enhancement, enhanced mood, suppressed appetite and subcutaneous fatburning. USP Labs have found and targeted the exact ingredients needed to get the job done and cut out the rest. The Australian version, OxyElite Powder, has the same ingredients bar one as the American OxyElite Pro capsules, but is in a great tasting powder form. 

USP-OXYELITE-POWDER-P.jpgUSP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder Taste and Mix Ability

Due to the potency of this product, USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder is taken in a 1 gram serving and is available in 2 mouth watering flavours, Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade. Mixing this product will be a breeze as a 1 gram serving will barely even be noticeable in a small amount of water. Therefore, clumps and grittiness will be non existent.  

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder Ingredients

Bauhinia purpurea L (Leaf & Pod [standardized for Bauhiniastatins 1-4])- An extract from the plant Bauhinia purpurea has been suggested in healthy adult animal models to increase T4 while also increasing T3 Bacopa monnieri (Leaf) - This plant has also been suggested in an animal model to naturally promote thyroid hormone production. Geranium [Stems](extracted for 1,3-Dimethylamylamine) - Stimulant, designed to mimic the effects of ephedrine and can also suppress your appetite. Cirsium Oligophyllum (Whole Plant Extract) - reduce the gain of bodyweight and fat mass and specifically target subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral fat mass. Caffeine - Caffeine is often noted for its ability to increase resting energy expenditure, while also increasing lipolysis and lipid oxidation, combined with Cirsium Oligophyllum is nearly 10 times greater than Cirsium Oligophyllum by itself.  

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder Value For Money

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder is sold in a 60 gram tub which provides 60 servings. As this is such a high strength formula such a small serving size means one serve will cost you $1.50.  

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Powder Recommended Use

We highly recommend that any user start with only one serve a day and based on the individuals reaction either increase to one serve twice a day or stick to the one serve first thing in the morning. Keep in mind females tend to have a low tolerance to the stimulants used in this product which may result in the shakes therefore, it is important all users should start with a single serve. It is also important to keep in mind these stimulants may keep you awake for an extended period of time depending on the individual, for this reason we recommend you do not have OxyElite Pro Powder after lunch time to ensure your sleep is not affected by the use of this product.