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Max's Bioengineered WPI Review

Posted on February 18, 2014

Max's Bioengineered WPI ReviewDividerimage


Comprised of 90% whey protein, Max's Bioengineered WPI gives your body a rich source of protein, which is ideal for muscle building. The high protein, low carbohydrate formula should ensure lean muscle growth without weight gain, while the pure formula has had fat and impurities removed during manufacture to ensure supreme performance.

It sounds almost too good to be true, so our team tried out Max's Bioengineered WPI to see if it really works.

Is it for me?

Maxs-Bioengineered-WPI.jpgMax’s WPI is designed for athletes and body-builders to optimise the body for maximum muscle growth. We found the product great for muscle recovery and for maintaining a low body fat percentage while gaining lean muscle mass. Max’s WPI utilises both ultrafiltration and ion exchange process to deliver a protein with superior protein fractions.

Main Ingredients

High Glycomacropeptide (GMP) Whey Protein Isolate

GMP is seen as a critical growth inducing fraction playing a major role in repair, recovery and thus muscle growth. It has a high bioavailability meaning it is absorbed and utilised more efficiently and contains many immune-boosting factors to assist the health of hard trainers.

High Beta Whey Fraction Whey Protein Isolate

Beta Whey Fraction (Beta lactoglobulin) is rich in BCAA’s especially L-Leucine. Some studies have shown WPI rich in Beta Whey Fractions to increase strength over normal WPI. L-Leucine is the main BCAA lost during intense training and is important to protein synthesis and thus muscle growth.

Vitamins and minerals.

Keeping your body in tip top condition is essential if you want to effectively build muscle. Getting your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals can seriously overall health to perform at your peak, so Max's WPI gives you a helpful boost towards your daily totals. Maintaining a steady vitamin and mineral intake can safeguard against illness and ensure you body is in ripe condition for muscle building.

Taste and Mixability

Available in chocolate, vanilla and chocolate banana flavours this tasty supplement mixes easily with water. Unlike other supplements it can be hand mixed easily without clumping, making it easy to use on the go at the gym. Some of our team loved the taste so much they've developed delicious recipes for high protein pancakes.


In order for muscles to grow the body needs a rich source of protein which Max's WPI can provide. We found that the formula includes everything the body needs to repair and recover following a workout.

Our team reported increases in strength and in muscle size when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. Max's WPI kicks in quickly ensuring you maximise your anabolic activity. By taking the supplement in the 30 minute post-workout anabolic window we found it enhanced muscle tissue repair, to create an optimal anabolic environment for muscle growth. Taking Max's WPI before and after a workout can give you optimum results.


If you're looking for a formula that tastes great and delivers the results you're after, Max's WPI could be perfect for meeting your needs. It's ideal for users who want to gain quality lean muscle mass while staying lean or losing body fat. Body-builders swear by the tried and tested fast acting formula, while athletes enjoy feeling energised throughout their workouts. For a real all rounder which delivers on all counts, Max's WPI could be the perfect supplement to boost your muscle gain.

We thought that Max's Whey Protein Isolate is great value for money, and much more effective than some other expensive supplements. It contains all the basics you'll need to kick start your training regime, stay lean and increase your lean muscle mass.