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Max' Reload HGF Review

Posted on February 18, 2014

Max' Reload HGF ReviewDividerimage

After years of training down at my local gym on a daily basis, I decided to put my hard work to good use and become a personal trainer. As such, I need to ensure my body is always kept in top condition at all times, which is sometimes easier than it seems!

I usually consume protein drinks on top of my daily meals as I find that they keep me going and give me all the nutrients I need for the amount of intense training I am doing. I was getting a bit tired of my usual protein drink so thought I’d try something new.

Maxs-RELOAD-HGF-p.jpgAs lame as this may sound, I was initially attracted to the packaging on Max’s Reload HGF, it was fun looking and I wanted to be that cartoon muscle guy. I had a look at the ingredients and it seemed to cover everything I would normally go for in a protein powder; low carb and high protein. I also have a bit of intolerance to lactose, so being fully hydrolysed whey and thus lactose free was even more appealing.

I’m not interested in losing weight, I just want to build and retain lean muscle mass and ensure the best recovery from my training sessions, which is exactly what the shake is aimed at. I found it easy to incorporate into my day; I would have my usual meals and just top it up with a few shakes each day. Being a hydrolysed whey protein mixing was so easy just add 1 serving to water and shake in a shaker. It even begins to dissolve before shaking.

The protein shake as with all Max's Supplements is really chocolatey tasting so you don’t feel as if you have to endure pain to get your protein fix, it is really tasty and feels more like a treat than anything else. It is really easy to consume as well and there’s no horrible after taste, which I have found with other shakes.

I have been using the shake for a couple of months now and have definitely seen some gains in lean muscle mass. I have also had a lot more energy, recovery is awesome, although my client sometimes wish I had less energy.

Overall I would highly recommend Max’s Reload HGF to others who lead an active life and want to maintain and build muscle mass. The product tastes good and is easy to use, so you don’t have to put in much preparation to get your fix. It is also packed with the right ingredients for personal trainers, body-builders and the like as well as those who just want a bit of extra support.

The delivery of the product was super-fast, I ordered it one day and received it the next so was really pleased with the level of service.

I will definitely continue to use Max’s Reload HGF in the future and will expect to keep seeing results. I have already introduced some of my friends to Max's Reload and they have all agreed that it is one of the best they have tried so far.