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Max's Muscle Meal Protein Cookie Review

Posted on February 20, 2014

Max's Muscle Meal Protein Cookie ReviewDividerimage

Updated May 2019


Max’s is an Australian owned company that has been in business for many decades. One of the original innovators in the body-building supplement market, Max’s Supplements have a reputation for making quality products. Their eye-catching logo is now synonymous with serious muscle building.


Max’s extensive product range is formulated and made in Australia, backed by scientific research. So you can be confident that they will give you plenty of bang for your buck.


Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies are a favourites among body-builders and athletes because it destroys the trend of flavourless, hard and unappealing protein cookies.


We thought we'd try them out for ourselves and see what all the fuss was about. 


What are Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies?

Maxs-Protein-Cookies-p.jpgMax’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies really break the mold of others on the market. First, we thought they tasted great. Secondly, they contain everything you need to assist post-workout recovery.


These cookies contain premium quality proteins such as whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate. In addition, they have high-octane carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and amino acids including BCAAs and Glutamine peptides.


Each cookie contains 24 grams of protein, ideal for post-workout recovery or a delicious muscle-building snack.


What makes Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies different?

The first thing you’ll notice when you rip open the packaging is that they are covered in chocolate! No complaints here! That’s not where the difference stops though. These cookies are little protein powerhouses, chock full of Glutamine peptides and BCAAs to really help you stack on the muscle. Plus, they're jam packed with high-octane carbohydrates too.


What are the benefits of Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies?

We just have to say that these cookies are one of the few high protein snacks that are actually delicious as well. The great news is that Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies really help to boost lean muscle and build up strength. They’re also guaranteed to restore your energy levels and help you recover from a workout faster if you're needing a convenient on the go protein source.


It’s also a perfect protein supplement for anyone trying to boost his or her daily protein and calorie intake.


What about the taste?

These cookies win the taste test hands down. They’re really delicious. While some protein bars and cookies on the market are hard and dry and need to be washed down with water, these beauties are soft and melt in your mouth. They come in 3 great flavours – Double Choc, Choc Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream. Our favourite by far was undoubtedly Double Chocolate. 


When should I eat a Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookie?

The great thing about these cookies is they are a portable snack that you can chomp on between meals as a muscle-building snack. Or you can eat them after a punishing workout to replenish energy reserves and help recovery. For best results, grab one within 30 minutes of your workout.


And the Verdict?

Max’s Muscle Meal Protein Cookies are not only great tasting but they pack a punch when it comes to building muscle. They are ideal for anyone looking to beef up their muscle mass.


They’re the perfect size for snacking on the go and unlike some cookies on the market, they’re palatable and easy to eat. In a nutshell, it’s a take-anywhere dynamic muscle building snack.