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Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical Review

Posted on March 6, 2014

Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical ReviewDividerimage

Since being founded in 1999, Australian company Body Science BSc has become a serious competitor on the international market. The company prioritises not only optimal performance and measurable results, but also overall well-being and ethics. Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical is a clinically-tested, high-protein formula designed to deliver powerful outcomes when it comes to fat loss.


Unlike other weight management supplements, Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical works according to a sophisticated ten-phase process. These include metabolic boosting, balancing out blood sugar levels, managing weight, alleviating mood swings, balancing internal fluids for a diuretic effect, promoting smooth digestion, providing antioxidants, suppressing appetite and increasing lean muscle mass. For muscle recovery Hydroxyburn is best taken post-workout, but is also designed to be used as an effective meal replacement.

Ingredients and dosage

An incredibly extensive list of ingredients is included in BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clincal. Key players include sustained-release proteins, green coffee bean, green tea, chromium, fibre, l-carnitine (fat transporter), blood orange, African mango, a selection of vitamins and minerals, and potato protein extract (which functions as an appetite-suppressant).

Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical is available in two different sizes: 3kg and 900g. The usual dosage is 45g (or two scoops), mixed with 300ml water. The jumbo tub provides approximately 66 servings, while the smaller one offers 20. Each dose contains 30g protein and 3g carbs. 

Pros and efficacy

The 'ten-phase' model means that pretty much every single aspect of fat loss is covered, from speeding up the metabolism to maintaining optimal blood sugar levels to the provision of antioxidants. For a start, this means that Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical is super-convenient. Rather than having to take several different products to achieve the many processes necessary to fat loss, only one is required. 

Secondly, it means that Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical is seriously effective. Prolonged use, in combination with healthy eating and an appropriate exercise routine, has been shown to lead to dramatic fat loss and an increase in lean muscle mass. 

Taste and mixability

Three classic flavours make up the Body Science BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical palette: chocolate, vanilla and banana. The flavour profile is appealing but somewhat sweet. Consumers taking the product as a meal substitute will find it tasty and satisfying. The powder mixes fluently, without leaving behind unwanted residue or grit. 


As far as weight management products go, Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical is undoubtedly one of the most intelligently-designed and potent on the market. Body Science BSc's holistic approach maximises long-term results.