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Body Science BSc NitroVol Review

Posted on February 28, 2014

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Body Science BSc NitroVol combines a 10 stage system that helps you to refuel and rebuild - two of the most important things necessary for muscle growth.

BSc-Nitrovol-p.jpgWhat’s in NitroVol?

Protein Matrix - BSc NitroVol contains a whey protein blend consisting of fast and slow absorbing proteins. Whey Protein Concentrate is rapidly absorbed to stimulate protein synthesis whilst the milk solids and micellar casein are absorbed at a sustained rate for several hours to prevent muscle catabolism (breakdown).

Creatine - increases fluid retention in the muscle (cell volumisation) to promote anabolism.

Carbohydrates - the addition of carbs to Body Science NitroVol ensure the muscles have fuel to power workouts and aids recovery by replenishing glycogen stores and promotes release of insulin to transport required nutrients to the muscles.

BCAA’s - provides a fuel source to working muscles, enhances recovery & promotes protein synthesis.

Glutamine - NitroVol is enhanced with Glutamine known as the “anti-catabolic” nutrient. Glutamine stores are depleted during intense physical activity so not not only is it imperative to muscle tissue repair and muscle growth, it also supports the immune system to keep you training at your peak.

The ingredients in Body Science BSc NitroVol have been selected to promote a range of beneficial physiological effects at the cellular level that are not able to be gained by consuming each ingredient individually.

BSc NitroVol Taste & Dosage

Body Science BSc NitroVol, which is available in the very tasty chocolate or vanilla flavours and come in 4kg or 1.75Kg containers, is easy to mix and tastes great. You can make the mixture by adding 80g (or 4 scoops) into a shaker or blender with 300ml of water. It is recommended that you have 2 to 3 shakes per day and consume one of these shakes within 30 minutes post-workout for the best results. Used before bed, NitroVol can enhance recovery helping you to build more muscle.