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BSc Hydroxyburn Clinical Tablets Review

Posted on March 6, 2014

BSc Hydroxyburn Clinical Tablets ReviewDividerimage

 Updated May 2019


When Body Science stormed onto the market back in 1999, they arrived with two things in mind. One is a determination to develop and sell innovative and truly efficacious products. The second is a commitment to ethics, in terms of both excellent manufacturing standards and supporting the overall well-being of their clients. 


HydroxyBurn Clinical Tablets is an example of Body Science’s fulfillment of their goals. Based on cutting-edge research, it offers serious assistance for weight management, without compromising general health. 


hydroxyburn-hardcore-clinical-bottle.jpgKey Features

As the name suggests, Hydroxyburn Clinical is designed for anyone who’s serious about achieving their goals, be they stellar athletic performance or long-term weight management to prevent health problems. It promises to promote fat loss, while reducing cravings, appetite and mood swings. 


Clinical levels of herbal extracts drive progress at the cellular level, by encouraging thermogenesis, boosting fat burning, helping cells to breakdown fats that have been stored for a long time, speed up metabolism and enhance thyroid performance. Overall, the body’s energy-utilising processes are maximised whenever and wherever possible.


Ingredients and Dosage

Each container of BSc HydroxyBurn Clinical holds 60 tablets. As is pretty much always the case with BSc products, an abundance of time and effort has gone into finding, testing and mixing the key active ingredients for best results. In this product, the front-runners are brown seaweed extract (of premium quality), Guarana, Green Tea, Chromium Picolinate and Bluenesse (Melissa officinalis). These natural ingredients are delivered in clinical doses, so that they work as rapidly and powerfully as possible.


Pros and Efficacy

When first using HydroxyBurn Clinical, consumers should first notice the thermogenic effects of increased heat which boost energy expenditure, and energy increase and a diminished appetite. Over time, this product is capable of delivering some pleasing and significant fat loss outcomes, as long as it is combined with healthy eating and a steady exercise routine. 



HydroxyBurn Clinical Tablets is quite potent, so it’s more suitable to individuals who’ve had some experience with weight management supplements. Newbies might consider trying something milder, and then upgrading. 



Body Science have delivered a hard-hitting potent and efficacious weight management supplement. This companies commitment to premium quality ingredients and an exhaustively researched formula delivers reliable results.