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Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Review

Posted on March 10, 2014

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump ReviewDividerimage

MusclePharm is a relative newcomer in the supplement field, having been formed in 2008. But it hasn't taken long for the company to gain a reputation for powerful, efficacious products. Indeed, they have even earned Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement for a particularly potent supplement series, one of which is MusclePharm Arnold Iron Pump. 

Musclepharm-Arnold-Iron-Pump-p.jpgKey Features

Arnold Iron Pump is a concentrated pre-workout formula that is creatine-free. One of its biggest drawcards is its ION-3 nitrate technology. The key ingredient is L-Arginine Nitrate, a blend of l-arginine and nitric acid that is the world's first arginine formula to involve molecular modification. It works to dilate the blood vessels, increasing blood flow, thereby boosting nutrient availability, and promoting muscle mass, strength and recovery capacity. 

In addition, MusclePharm Arnold Iron Pump contains a proprietary energy blend designed to increase focus, energy and mental discipline. This contains tyrosine, vinpocetine, caffeine and choline bitartrate.

Ingredients and Dosage

Iron Pump is sold in 180gram containers, each containing 30 servings of 6grams each. A serving contains 2,075mg of the nitric oxide blend and 2,051mg of the energy blend. 

Pros and Efficacy 

In practice, MusclePharm Arnold Iron Pump proves to be an exceptionally high-performance supplement. The cutting-edge technology successfully boosts vascularity with more power than many other pre-workout formulas on the market. In the short term, a significant increase in mental focus, energy levels and endurance can be felt during workout. The proprietary blend is well-balanced to avoid the frustrating 'crash and burn' effect. 

In the long term, regular use of MusclePharm Arnold Iron Pump sees a significant increase in muscle mass, strength and power. Every workout seems to deliver more than it did before - not only because the supplement assists the consumer to work harder, but also because it promotes the efficacy of every pump. 


Some consumers might not like the idea of taking proprietary blends, due to the limited information availability regarding how much of each ingredient is found in the product. However, it should be remembered that formulas are kept secret, not to trick consumers, but to protect the company's innovation from imitation. 

Taste and Mixability

Three flavours make up the product's palette: watermelon, fruit punch and raspberry lemonade. It's easy to drink. Mixability is usually very smooth, without foaming or leftover powder.


MusclePharm Arnold Iron Pump is, undoubtedly, one of the most powerful and efficacious pre-workout formulas on the market. Its advanced technology provides benefits that are definitely noticeable, both immediately and in the long run.