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What are the benefits of protein bars?

Posted on June 22, 2017

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What are the benefits of protein bars? Are there any benefits from eating protein bars? Of course there are! Protein is a pretty fundamental macronutrient in your body that you need to be eating every day for good health and also for recovery if you are training. You can get your protein these days from a wide variety of foods which include meat, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, just to name a few sources. But this is where supplements and protein bars come in to play. There are so many protein options to choose from at the moment and protein bars are just an addition to the options you have. So here are a few benefits for you adding protein bars to your daily nutrition plan.


Protein bars are a great convenience food or snack. You just have to throw a few in your bag and you know your protein intake will be covered. Take them to work, take them camping, take them to the races, take them to your children’s school athletics day, take them fishing, take them to when you’re getting your hair done, you can even take them to the mother-in-law’s house on a Sunday afternoon when you your stuck talking to Uncle Russell for four hours waiting for the Sunday Roast to be served. There is no mistaking that Protein bars are a convenient way to get your protein in throughout the day.


Protein bars are great for snacks in between your main meals. You still eat food throughout the day at your main meal times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you can slot in a protein bar to get you through to that next meal and also to take care of keeping your protein intake adequate across the day.

Pre and Post Workout 

By having ample nutrients that your body can call upon when needed can help you power through your workouts more effectively. Protein bars are great to have handy if you don’t get a chance to eat before you train. If you have no gas in the tank, your workout suffers. They are great for post workout too, if you want a change from having your normal protein shake or if you have forgotten your shaker you can usually pick up a protein bar at the gym.

Meal Replacement

Protein bars maybe used as meal replacements and are often used in weight management diets and plans.
The keyword there is “maybe”. Most meal replacement protein bars are high protein and are formulated with other ingredients designed to help you feel full and stop cravings. So they tick many boxes in regards to helping you achieve your goals in regards to calories and portion control too. But they shouldn’t be used for every meal and replace all of the nutritious food you can prepare and eat. In saying this, meal replacement protein bars certainly are great for convenience on the days where you can’t get a meal. Everything in moderation they say, and this applies to protein bars too.


Is taste a benefit? Well in the past protein bars used to get a bad rap as they were very chewy and had bad flavours. It wasn’t uncommon to see someone struggle through eating a protein bar for half an hour after a workout. Then when you asked them what it tastes like it wasn’t unusual to hear the word “bad and my jaw hurts now!”. As technology caught up and the protein bar market became more mainstream the supplement companies had to change their ways (and their formulations). Now, pretty much any protein bar tastes great and is easy to chew! So taste is definitely a benefit of the modern day protein bar and we have all benefited from this change.

Benefits of Protein Bars

So there you have it, five benefits of protein bars and we are sure there are a few more we haven’t even mentioned either. Protein bars are great for a break every now and then from your diet and protein shakes, and they certainly are convenient as well! There are so many different types to choose from as well and they come in many different sizes too. So boredom shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to trying out new flavours and brands.

Where can I buy Protein Bars?

Has reading about the benefits of protein bars got you feeling a little peckish? That’s not a problem at all, you can have a look at the range of protein bars we have here at Sporty’s Health here, Protein Bars for You.
Also, if you spot a bar that you like and haven’t tried them before, it’s easy to add one to your order.
Most of our protein bars online have the option of adding one bar to your cart if you want. So next time you place an order, why not try a few out, you won’t be disappointed.