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Testosterone Boosters Part 2

Posted on May 1, 2020

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In part one of Testosterone Boosters we looked at the role testosterone plays for men and women, which is more than simply supporting lean muscle mass. We also examined ingredients from various products that resonate for different ages and genders, taking into consideration health status and desired outcome.


If you haven’t check out part one, it’s at least worth reading the introduction before plunging into this article to help you wrap your head around some of the concepts in this article.


In this article we take a look at two more testosterone boosting products. One of these has been around for many years, with numerous reformulations, while the other is a relative newcomer from a dynamic and reasonably new brand.


Both products contain a fairly long list of ingredients, which certainly makes understanding the complex biological effect these nutrients and herbs will have, singularly and through interaction (and hopefully synergistically) more challenging.


Research is drawn upon, and can be viewed in the references section if you are keen for some extra reading. Even if you don’t have a science background, you might be surprised what pick up from a well written meta-analysis, which are great readings options that offer a summary of scientific evidence to date.


It goes without saying that placebo controlled randomized clinical trials on each and every ingredient, and in combination, involving tens of thousands of participants over decades, would make for a great assessment tool for a testosterone booster product.


Considering that even the biggest pharmaceutical companies on the planet rarely offer this level of evidence, it would be a big ask for a natural product that can’t even be patented in order to recoup research costs.


Besides, will our government offset prices on testosterone boosters through the tax-funded pharmaceutical benefits scheme, even if there is solid evidence supporting robust benefits associated with keeping free testosterone levels within normal ranges as we age?


Even if there is sufficient evidence indicating that the natural medicine is safe and effective?


A population with less fatigue, cognitive and mood disorders, and improved muscle and bone health as we age, amongst other health improvements, would surely results in a healthier economy (in addition to healthier people) 1,2,3. Testosterone has a definite role to play in these crucial areas of health, for men and women.


As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And this ounce generally costs a lot less than the pound of cure as well. And prevention means the susceptible don’t actually have to suffer with the disease state to begin with.


Let’s dig in and take a look at two more natural free testosterone enhancers, with ingredients including only natural herbal medicines and nutrients.


BSc Triandrobol

Triandrobol has been an industry staple for a long time now, with reformulations, or at least new packaging, popping up every couple of years. Remember the version that was available in a clear plastic container, with clearly visible blue coloured tablets inside?


There’s no doubt about it, that product looked cool.


body-science-triandrobol.jpgAnd surely a nifty-looking blue tablet will be a great deal more anabolic than a regular bland-coloured one, right?


BSc Triandrobol contains a range of herbal and nutritional ingredients, including high potency Tribulus and Fenugreek, aimed at boosting testosterone levels no matter the age or gender.


As discussed in part one of Testosterone Boosters, tribulus is a powerful herb for enhancing testosterone levels if you’re over 40 years of age or over or suffer with low libido 4,5,6,7.


However, research indicates that for young healthy women and men, with normal sexual desire, tribulus probably won’t boost testosterone—though it may offer ergogenic support 8,9.


Tribulus has been shown to reduce IGF binding protein 3, boost anaerobic performance and reduce markers of muscle damage in trained male boxers.


So it’s fair to assume that younger healthy people can expect a boost in performance and recovery, perhaps with improved adaptation to exercise, while the people in their 40s and beyond will likely receive all of this plus a nice free testosterone bump up.


Getting old is good isn’t it?


Then there’s Fenugreek, that wonderful herb that can also boost libido and testosterone levels in those with low sex drive, and mildly boost free testosterone in young healthy men and women 10,11.


As it goes with most natural testosterone boosting products, the older you are the more benefit you can expect to gain from it. This ingredient has been studied multiple times, and is a powerful libido enhancer as well in elderly men.


Vitamin K2 is an interesting vitamin, like Vitamin D, it seems to act more like a hormone than a vitamin. Early rodent research indicates that low levels have been linked to low testosterone levels, much like zinc 12.


On top of this, BSc Triandrobol contains ZMA, which is zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. This nutritional trio has been shown to significantly increase free testosterone levels after 8 weeks of supplementation in football players. IGF-1 levels were also shown to be beneficially impacted 13.


The final ingredient in Triandrobol is Horny Goat Weed. And with a name like that, there really is little explaining to do. This is a herb used within Traditional Chinese Medicine for a long time to support sexual potency and desire, with the effects believed to be due to its Icariin content 14.




Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch

Switch Nutrition are a dynamic sports nutrition and wellness company, committed to quality natural products without any chemical sweeteners, flavours or colours. And with their commitment to science-based formulations, you can be sure that their natural testosterone support formula, Alpha Switch, is going to blow your mind—and your gonads.


This product is a unique combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals in capsule form, with each tub providing a two month supply. It’s got everything too. Whether you’re young or old, this is the kind of formulation that has something to offer everyone.


Though herbs, vitamins and minerals may not sound too exciting—been there, done that—when the right combination is used, offering synergism, backed by the wisdom of ancient medicine and modern science, the effects can be potent to say the least.


Alpha Switch does a great deal more than simply switch you into alpha mode. This product offers a diverse range of ingredients, each offering unique benefits that range from free testosterone support, to libido enhancement, to ergogenic benefits and improved quality of life.


Mildly intrigued yet?


In part one of this Testosterone Boosters article series, we covered quite comprehensively the benefits of fenugreek, Withania and ZMA. And Alpha Switch has got them all.


In a nutshell, Withania is a powerful adaptogenic herb, with modern scientific evidence pointing towards increased DHEA and testosterone and reduced cortisol, in chronically stressed people.


On top of this, Withania helps to regulate thyroid activity (when underactive), enhance strength, boost mental wellbeing and improve dietary habits. The Withania in this product is also standardized—an indication of a high quality ingredient.


Fenugreek has plenty to offer as well, beneficial for men or women with low libido. Men can expect a nice testosterone boost over 42 years of age.


So if you’re young and healthy and still looking for that extra free testosterone edge, will Alpha Switch help you out?


The evidence is pointing towards a resounding yes. This is where zinc, magnesium, boron and vitamin B6 step into the spotlight and steal the show.


Zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6 (ZMA) have been shown to significantly boost free testosterone levels in football players after 8 weeks, compared to placebo. In addition, low zinc levels are associated with low free testosterone and a higher conversion into estradiol.



Magnesium may even reduce sex-hormone binding globulin and therefore increase free testosterone levels, not to mention the reduced risk for muscle cramps and twitches.


And then there’s boron. Not too many people have heard of this mineral. But in reality, it should be held in just as high regard as is zinc, as they both boast a range of benefits, well beyond hormones, for men and women.


Boron is a crucially important mineral that has been shown to drastically decrease inflammatory markers, including hs-CRP and TNF-alpha, at an elemental dosage of 10mg boron daily. Chronic systemic inflammation contributes to the development of degenerative disease, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


A clinical trial was undertaken in 2011 in healthy men with an age range of 29-50 years, indicating that boron, at 10mg daily, reduces sex-hormone binding globulin, increases free testosterone, and reduces estradiol 15.


This is great news for all things boron-related, and a fantastic set of results. However, this study also indicated that cortisol levels increased, as did dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.


Before you start sobbing uncontrollably, Alpha Switch contains withania and zinc, which have been shown to regulate cortisol and DHT (via 5-alpha reductase), respectively.


That’s the power of a well put together formulation, delivering a quality synergistic interplay of nutrients and herbs.


Here’s a fun question.


Have you ever supplemented with a rock exudate (secretion), taken from a Himalayan mountain range?


Well, Alpha Switch contains just that. Shilajit, standardized to 50% fulvic minerals, is a rock-sourced mineral complex found in areas like the Himalayan Mountains. Fear not, as bizarre as it may sound, Shilajit has been scientifically studied and found to be quite safe.


So far, research points towards some interesting benefits for this gnarly ingredient. For men over 45 years, a DHEA boost and a massive 50% increase in free testosterone can be expected 16.


Another study indicated that shilajit supplementation promotes muscular strength and connective tissue integrity in fatigued individuals 17. While yet another study showed that Shilajit plus a multivitamin supported mood, reduced stress, boosted the immune system and improved quality of life 18.


Though it’s no substitute for regular sunlight exposure, Boron has also been shown to increase Vitamin D levels. This effect is believed to be due to its ability to decrease Vitamin D catabolism 19.


Alpha Switch contains a nice 1,000IU of Vitamin D anyway in each daily dose, helping to keep your levels topped up. Even on the sunny Gold Coast, and especially now with people spending more time indoors, Vitamin D deficiencies are not uncommon.


According to research published in 2014, 23% of Australian’s are low in the sunshine vitamin. This is better than the global average of 50%, but still far from ideal. Those at greater risk for deficiencies are smokers, sedentary individuals, people suffering with obesity, and obviously anyone spending a lot of time indoors 20,21.


Sorry folks, sunshine through a glass window doesn’t get the job done either. The sun needs to be direct to the skin.


Vitamin D is essential for muscle, bone and emotional health, and bolsters immune responses to viruses via supporting macrophage cathelicitin synthesis.


This makes Vitamin D a major player when it comes to not just exercise capacity, but also optimal health.


Alpha Switch contains a host of other ingredients as well, including Tongkat Ali, Spilanthes acmella, 5A-Hydroxy Laxogenin and Vitamin B5.


Final Verdict

Switch Nutrition and Bodyscience are two hard-hitting sports nutrition and wellness companies, offering protein powders, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters and more.


Both Alpha Switch and Triandrobol contain such a broad ingredient ranges that they have something to offer all ages and genders, whether you’re looking to boost libido, support lean muscle or enhance wellness.


Both products contains boron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, along with fenugreek, meaning there is a little crossover between them.


Given that we all respond so differently, due to differing health needs, phenotypes and polymorphisms, experimentation is key to finding a product that best suits your needs.



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