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Max's Supplements Since 1989 - Wow That's as Long as The Simpsons

Posted on July 5, 2013

Max's Supplements Since 1989 - Wow That's as Long as The SimpsonsDividerimage

Max's was founded in Melbourne in 1989 by Keith Ellis and Paul Kirkham with the ambition of providing Australia's Bodybuilding community with the highest quality supplements available to get maximal results.  Drawing on Keith's highly successful bodybuilding career and Paul's background as a Biochemist, the pair created what is still regarded as one of Australia's most successful supplement companies.  Max's to this day continues to strive not only to exist but to innovate in bringing new products and ranges to the supplement market.  

Unparalleled by any other Australian Supplement company, Max's have continually made an enormous effort to reinvest into the growth of the Bodybuilding industry.  Max's achieve this by promoting an array of high profile sponsored athletes and more recently moving into educational pieces like the highly successful Muscle TV and now the motivational Max's Muscle Up Challenge and Maxine's Shape Up Challenge.  Unlike many other companies in the Supplement industry Max's have stood the test of time now trading for 24 years.  As an interesting side point the cartoon show The Simpsons also started in the same year.  


Overall Max's Supplements has a long standing tradition of providing 2 key things;

1. Highest quality Supplements available

2. Support and reinvestment for the local Bodybuilding and greater Athletic community.

With this in mind it is no surprise that a company like Max's is holding Australia'a largest 12 week transformation challenges known as the Max's Muscle Up Challenge and Maxine's Shape Up Challenge.  This challenges exist to motivate normal people that want to better themselves to be inspired to get fitter and healthier than they have ever been before.  The goal of the challenge is to have as many people as possible around Australia achieve mind blowing results by training hard, eating clean and improving not only their physical appearance but also their self esteem, confidence, and sense of achievement.  All entrants into the Max's Muscle Up Challenge will have to follow the competition rules set out on the Max's Challenge website and are competing for a massive total prize pool of over $200,000.

To enter into the Max's Muscle Up Challenge 2013 or the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge 2013 follow the links below to see all of the rules, guidelines and requirements of the challenges and watch the many informative videos and see amazing results from previous years competitors.


Maxs-Muscle-Up-Challenge.jpg Maxines-Shape-Up-Challenge.jpg