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Welcome to the Sporty's Health Blog

Essential Amino Energy delivers 14 amino acids, along with naturally sourced caffeine, Green Tea and Green Coffee. Is this the product to kick-start your motivation and energy levels?
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass offers a familiar mass gains formula: carbs + protein. So what really makes for a quality mass gainer? Is it simply the type of protein powder, or is there a covert X-factor?
Find out how to use powdered peanut butters like PB2 and check out this nutritional comparison to regular peanut butter. Do we really need to worry about dietary fats? What about the aflatoxin in peanuts? Read the reviews to find out!
Blessed Protein by Clear Labs (EHP Labs) contains sprouted pea protein isolate in 3 gourmet flavours that will keep you coming back for more. Reviews on Blessed Protein are few and far between, yet here we deliver the quintessential overview, with an in-depth look at artificial and natural sweeteners.

Oxysleep Review

Posted on July 5, 2019

Few things impact our ability to function quite so profoundly as sleep. This EHP Labs product claims to improve Sleep Quality and Boost Fat-Burning. Let's dig a little deeper and see if Oxysleep packs the proverbial punch to help us in these areas.

Oxyshred Australia | EHP Labs

Posted on July 1, 2019

EHP Labs Oxyshred is Australia's best selling fat-burner, pre-workout combination product. We have come to love its thermogenic potency and the energy it delivers. This is a product that won't be going away any time soon.

Blessed Vegan Protein

Posted on June 28, 2019

Blessed Vegan Protein packs the 9 essential amino acids, with naturally a range of important accessory nutrients. Get the details in this article, covering calorie content and weight gain, nutritional value and exciting new research into whey vs pea protein.

Musashi Protein Review

Posted on June 23, 2019

Musashi Protein Powders are as versatile as they are cost-effective. Let's take a look at Musashi's protein range, with a review of protein safety and their banned-substance free certification.
European Golden Pea Protein packs the 9 essential amino acids, with naturally occurring BCAAs. According to a 2019 clinical trial, it delivers results as good as whey protein when it comes to body composition and performance goals. Let’s take a deeper look …
Alkalising, Energising, Nourishing and Vitalising … Vital All-In-One seems to do just about everything consumers are desperate for. This article is an overview of some of the therapeutic angles this product’s developers have taken. Let's see how this compares to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Laser Focus, Explosive Strength, Skin-Splitting Pumps with Energy to Boot: What can we realistically hope for from Myoblox Loco Pre-Workout? Will it deliver the proverbial Oomph we need or does it fall short of its claims?

Before You Speak Coffee Reviews

Posted on May 25, 2019

Does Before You Speak really put a new spin on coffee? Or is it just another instant coffee powder that will soon be forgotten? This review covers ingredients, flavour and preparation method, with a comparison to common home coffees.