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Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron CRE3 Review

Posted on March 10, 2014

Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron CRE3 ReviewDividerimage

Having been established in 2008, MusclePharm is but a fledgling when compared with other sports supplements companies, in terms of years in existence. BUT, when it comes to the creation of effective products, it is, undoubtedly, one of the market's most serious competitors. Arnold Schwarzenegger has even put his substantial weight, strength and reputation behind MusclePharm with the creation of the “ARNOLD” series. One of its products is MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3.

Musclepharm-Arnold-Iron-Cre3--p.jpgKey features

Iron Cre3 is a creatine formula containing the world's first creatine in a molecularly modified form - Creatine with Ion-3 Nitrate technology. This represents a revolutionary breakthrough in nitrate technology. The creatine is bonded  with highly-soluble nitric acid forming “Super Creatine Nitrate”. Iron Cre3 delivers all the benefits of creatine - muscle strength, power output, endurance with the benefits of Nitric Oxide - vasodilation and muscle pump.

Ingredients and dosage

The product is sold in containers of 126 grams. So every purchase provides 30 servings, each of 4.2 grams.

Every serving contains 1000mg of creatine nitrate, 800mg of MusclePharm's 'HydraFuel Matrix' (made up of powdered coconut water, l-glutamine and taurine), 500mg of Vitamin C, 500IU of Vitamin E and 18mg of calcium (in silicate form).

Pros and efficacy

The combination of creatine and nitrate means that MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 enables more efficient delivery of creatine to the muscle tissue. It is said to be absorbed far more quickly and easily than regular creatine. 

The nitrate promotes vascularity, expanding the blood vessels and increasing blood flow, thereby assisting the uptake of nutrients to increase strength and performance, maximising muscle mass gains.


To be honest, there's not much to say here. In terms of food technology, the combining of creatine with nitrate is still a fairly new area, so it isn't backed by extensive research. That said, the high performance of Arnold Iron CRE3 would suggest that MusclePharm's innovation is paying off. 

Taste and mixability

It's possible to buy MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 in three different flavours: blue raz, watermelon and fruit punch. They're all good to drink, being tasty rather than overly sweet. Mixability is fluid and smooth - there's next to no foaming or residue.


Consistent use over an extensive period demonstrates that MusclePharm Arnold Iron CRE3 is a highly effective creatine formula delivering pumps and performance. It represents an exciting new development in creatine-based technology.