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Maxs Anabolic Night Review

Posted on February 17, 2014

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Updated May 2019


Maxs Anabolic Night claims to provide you with up to 7 hours of sustained release amino acids while you do nothing more than sleep the night away. We put it to the test!


First, What’s in it?

The ingredients that make up the bulk of this high quality protein shake are Micellar Casein, Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate. These are all well-known protein sources. The slow release which occurs with casein products makes it perfect for the night time hours, providing your body with protection against overnight muscle catabolism.


Casein helps to counter the catabolic effects of the early morning cortisol peak. The science sounds pretty solid so far ...


Maxs-Nitetime-Protein.jpgFirstly, there’s a double dose of casein in this mix. The Micellar Casein gives you sustained elevation in amino acid blood levels for up to 7 hours to maximise muscle growth.


The Calcium Caseinate releases multiple bioactive peptides while you’re digesting it, enhancing and improving your anabolic response and metabolic rate.  


Whey Protein Concentrate is a medium digesting protein that helps support a healthy immune system with its milk-based proteins and growth factors, and aids muscle building by increasing levels of essential amino acids. 


Max’s Anabolic Night contains additional herbs and nutrients to help you sleep and promote muscle growth. This is the other reason we liked the idea of it. 


Both skullcap and chamomile are herbs well-known for their sedative and calming properties. There’s plenty of evidence to show that a large percentage of muscle growth takes place during REM sleep, so it’s essential to be able to get off to dreamland as soon as possible when you take to your bed.


Taste and Mixability

Okay, everyone loves chocolate, and that’s one of flavours available. Chocolate Mousse in fact. It’s got a creamy flavour with all the right notes to make the drinking experience great. We noticed that it tasted creamier when drinking it with skimmed milk rather than water, but the calorific values increase significantly in that case, and in our opinion it tastes stronger with water. Each to their own.


Vanilla Malt was exceptionally nice. Almost refreshing, if that can be possible for a milk-based drink. The malt added a nice touch to the vanilla, which, let's face it, can get a little boring at times.


Max’s Anabolic Night mixes well in a shaker, but does have a thicker consistency due to the slower absorbing proteins.


Overall Effectiveness

A few of us agreed to test this product over a period of several weeks and because each of us are different, we all got slightly different results. How your body reacts to it, how quickly and how effectively, may be entirely individual. However, each of us woke up feeling less depleted, particularly when hitting the gym early in the am.


So this product definitely does what it says on the tub. Two of us had some bloating issues as slow-absorbing proteins can sometimes have this effect if you have weak digestion.


We also found that where sleep had been a little hit and miss, the calming properties of the herbal ingredients within protein powder appeared to be doing the trick! Nice. Anabolic sleep without waking during the night. An all round benefit for a gym junkie!