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Body Science BSc True Amino L-Carnitine Review

Posted on March 17, 2014

Body Science BSc True Amino L-Carnitine ReviewDividerimage

Even though Body Science BSc is well known for manufacturing complex, delicately-balanced formulas, the company also offers a selection of pure products. These can help to address deficiency and/or promote a particular aspect of athletic performance. Body Science’s supplements are highly efficacious due to the focus on premium ingredients derived from natural sources. 

Body Science BSc True Amino L-Carnitine, as the name suggests, contains only L-carnitine. It’s supplied in tartrate form.

BSC-L-CARNITINE-p.jpgKey features

L-carnitine is a type of amino acid. Several foods are rich with it, especially red meat, dairy and avocados. Its job is, essentially, to fuel the body with energy. When fatty acids enter the blood, L-carnitine ensures that they become oxidised by carrying them into the cells where they can be used to fuel muscles.

L-carnitine production occurs naturally and is stored in cardiac and skeletal muscle. However, some athletes choose to supplement organically in order to increase energy production. This can promote longer, more effective workouts, help to lessen fatigue, accelerate fat loss and assist in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Ingredients and dosage

True Amino L-Carnitine is free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, sucrose, fructose, artificial flavours and artificial colours. The only ingredient present is l-carnitine tartrate. Every 75g container of BSc L-Carnitine provides 37.5 2g serves. 

People using L-carnitine for training should take it thirty minutes before hitting the gym. Those attempting to increase fat loss should take it first thing in the morning. Body Science recommends just one serving per day.

Pros and efficacy

When consumed daily for a few weeks, L-carnitine proves to be effective in boosting energy levels. It can also help individuals who suffer from mood swings, fatigue and excessive stress levels. The L-carnitine tartrate compound is particularly efficacious, as it is absorbed easily and works quickly. 


The single-ingredient format is useful for its potency; however, it might prove inconvenient for some consumers who require a range of supplements, and would find an all-in-one style of product easier to manage. 

Taste and mixability

Body Science L-Carnitine can be mixed with either juice or water. It blends smoothly, without leaving any grit behind. 


Anyone looking for an effective weight management aid, assistance in decreasing stress and a way of bolstering energy levels will benefit from regular consumption of BSc True Amino L-Carnitine.