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Body Science BSc Naturals Immureds Review

Posted on March 17, 2014

Body Science BSc Naturals Immureds ReviewDividerimage

The Body Science BSc Naturals range offers products that are made from premium ingredients sourced directly from nature (wherever possible). They tend to be free of chemical nasties and don't contain any pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavours or preservatives, solvents or GMOs. Plus, they're all made in Australia, which means that a close eye can be kept on quality control and ethical manufacturing processes. 

Body Science BSc Naturals Immureds are an antioxidant alkaline superfood containing absolutely no animal products. This means that they're particularly attractive to vegans, but they can also form a vital part of any health conscious athlete's diet. 

BSc-Naturals-Immureds-Vegan-Antioxidant-p.jpgKey features

Naturals Immureds contain a nutrient-rich mix of fruits and vegetables that bursting with goodness from a variety of nutrients including vitamins and minerals, plant sterols, and carotenes. BSc Immureds are packed with free radical scavenging antioxidants, which battle against the stresses that wreak havoc on our internal systems from every day living such as pollution, smoking, diet and even exercise induced free radicals. Immureds can help to boost immune function, increase energy levels, prevent disease and slow down the ageing process. They're free of preservatives, dairy, soy and gluten.

Ingredients and dosage

Every packet of BSc Naturals Immureds contains twelve doses of ten grams each. The powder can be mixed with pretty much any liquid form, including smoothies, shakes, sports drinks and water. Alternatively, it can be sprinkled over solid foods, such as cereal or yoghurt.

Each dose is bursting with an extensive array of red super foods, including pomegranate, goji berries, blueberries, blackberries, acerola berries, mangosteen, beetroot, yang-mei juice and more. 

Pros and efficacy

Most athletes are aware that, in addition to taking supplements that assist in achieving specific goals (fat loss, muscle growth and so on), it's crucial to pay attention to general health. 

Body Science BSc Naturals Immureds provide a really convenient way of accessing many of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to longevity and well-being. They are a useful supplement for anyone who considers health and fitness to be important.


There really isn't much wrong with Naturals Immureds at all. Do keep in mind that, as nutritious as the product is, it's still vital to eat a balanced diet. 

Taste and mixability

All of those berries and red fruits add up to an exceptionally enjoyable taste sensation, and the best thing about it is that it comes straight from nature. The powder mixes easily, without leaving behind any residue.


As far as the ultimate superfood goes, BSc Naturals Immureds is one of the most impressive products on the market.