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BSc Clean Greens Review

Posted on March 17, 2014

BSc Clean Greens ReviewDividerimage

With their international reputation for excellence secured, Body Science has stepped-it-up the quality of their natural products. Like many sports supplements ranges, it all started with a pure source of protein. But now, Naturals incorporates so much more.


The emphasis is on products that, wherever possible, are organically-sourced and sustainably-produced - healthy for both athletes and the environment. 


BSc Clean Greens are a superfood that's totally free of any products derived from animals, so they're suitable for vegans.


The fact that they're packed with nutrients, however, also means that they're a great supplement for athletes concerned about overall health and well-being.


clean-greens.jpgKey Features

As the name suggests, BSc Clean Greens are, essentially, a source of all the goodness that comes from greens including spirulina, Barley Grass and Alfalfa.


But that’s not all. BSc Clean Greens, offers a broad spectrum of nutrients and antioxidants to support general health and wellbeing, such as efficient immune function, maximising nutrition, maintaining a positive mood and boosting muscle growth, strength and power.


They're packed with vitamins and minerals (particularly A, C and B12), iron and Omega 3, and they're free of artificial sweeteners, gluten and preservatives.


Ingredients and Dosage

Each packet contains twelve servings of ten grams each. The powder can be sprinkled on cereal (or other solid food), or added to a smoothie, juice or water. 


The list of ingredients is extensive. Some of the key players include spirulina, barley, beetroot, alfalfa, acai, mangosteen, noni fruit, flaxseed and pomegranate. If you can name a superfood, you'll probably find it's in there somewhere. 


Pros and Efficacy

BSc Clean Greens incredibly high nutrient level means that they're definitely a bonus to any balanced diet. Prolonged use boosts energy levels, reduces mood swings and contributes to the cultivation of a long-term sense of well-being. 


Taste and Mixability

Given BSc's concern to keep the Naturals line as, well, natural as possible, you would think Clean Greens taste as you'd expect them to - like greens but no, with the addition of a natural sweetener and pineapple flavour they taste great.


A really refreshing way to start the morning. BSc Clean Greens mix well and can be blended with other ingredients for a healthy smoothie.



Clean Greens are tough to fault. What's not to love about a healthy dose of all the vegetables your mum's been begging you to eat since you were a toddler? That said, it's not a great idea to use them as a substitute for your five-a-day. The fibre gained from fresh fruit and veggies is crucial. 



For a comprehensive source of all the goodness to be found in greens, BSc Clean Greens are difficult to beat. The inclusion of a range of ingredients means a veritable wealth of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.