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Body Science BSc Naturals WPI Review

Posted on March 17, 2014

Body Science BSc Naturals WPI ReviewDividerimage

As part of the Body Science BSc Naturals product line, BSc WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) is a formula made from premium, naturally-sourced ingredients. It is free of all the ingredients that your body really doesn't want to consume - in other words, chemicals, thickeners, preservatives, unhealthy fats and unnecessary sugars. 

However, what it does contain is high quality protein, sourced from pasture fed cows. That means that it's clean and green - for both the consumer and the world around us. 

BSC-NATURALS-WPI-p.jpgKey features

Body Science BSc Naturals WPI can play a number of important roles. As we all know, protein is crucial to muscle recovery and the development of lean muscle mass. It can also help to address the deficiencies that sometimes result as a consequence of an exclusively vegetarian diet. In addition, BSc WPI contains digestive enzymes, which work to maximise protein absorption and utilisation. 

Ingredients and dosage

A 2.4kg box of Body Science WPI provides 80 servings (the recommended serving size is 30g). Each serve contains 26.9g protein from whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein isolate which is rapidly absorbed to start protein synthesis. This blend of proteins delivers whey protein micro fractions that are rich in BCAA’s and growth factors. Each serve also delivers more than 5g BCAA’s and 4g glutamine. BSc Naturals WPI is low carbohydrate at only 1.5g and is ultra low in fat at 0.5g per serve. BSc WPI is naturally sweetened with Stevia Extract which contains zero calories.

Body Science's emphasis on exceptionally high-quality protein sources is definitely one of the most impressive aspects of BSc WPI. For protein to be at its most efficacious, it's imperative that it comes from a reliable source that is tested to ensure  purity and potency.

Body Science Strongbody WPI assists the development of lean muscle mass, boosts energy levels, and supports immune system function.

Taste and mixability

Body Science BSc Naturals WPI comes in just two classic flavours: chocolate and vanilla. BSc WPI mixes almost instantaneously due to the protein sources and is not clumpy. Being sweetened with Stevia you might find it a bit sweeter at first but the zero calories and sugars should override any taste issues.


Body Science delivers one of the best quality WPI’s on the market. Whether your looking for lean muscle mass gains, a meal replacement option, or to increasing protein in your diet BSc WPI will definitely be of benefit to you.