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BSc Hydroxyburn Review (Range Overview)

Posted on February 20, 2014

BSc Hydroxyburn Review (Range Overview)Dividerimage

Updated 8th October 2019


Do you want to lose weight and still maintain (or even gain) lean muscle? The Body Science Hydroxyburn range might be the solution you've been looking for to help take one giant leap closer to solving your fat burning issues.


The Hydroxyburn range consists of 5 weight loss supplements which are consist of whey protein, nutrients and natural plants extracts that aid in improving health and well-being. These weight loss supplements are Hydroxyburn Lean 5 Low Carb Protein, Hydroxyburn Clinical, Hydroxyburn Sleep RX, Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic and Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra.


Hydroxyburn Lean 5 Low Carb Protein

The first product from the Hydroxyburn range is the BSc Hydroxyburn Lean 5, which is a fat burning protein that contains specific ingredients to help you burn fat fast while supporting lean muscle mass.


The Hydroxyburn Lean 5 supports several sustained-release protein phases, to help maintain your amino acid levels over a longer period of time and keep hunger levels and food cravings to a minimum.


This makes for the perfect low calorie snack option, offered in delicous flavours, including Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Banana. Simply add cold water, shake and enjoy the protein goodness.


Hydroxyburn Clinical Tablets

Hydroxy Burn Clinical which provides herbal extracts such as Guarana seed extract, Green Tea and Melissa officinalis (Bluenesse) for thermogenic and mood support. Guarana is well known for it's natural caffeine, and therefore, fat-burning power. However, it also contains other important metabolic stimulants.


hydroxyburn-clinical-60caps_grande.jpgGreen Tea, well known for it's powerful polyphenol content, delivers antioxidant and fat-burning effect. EGCG and caffeine are believed to be the key natural fat-burners in this powerful natural plant.


With nutrients like iodine and chromium, you can be sure that your thyroid hormones and insulin sensitivity will be supported. Iodine is essential for the synthesis of T4, T3 and T2, which set our metabolic rate.


Chromium is an important mineral to ensure the ongoing potency of insulin. Without insulin functioning well, you can be sure that fat stores will be much harder to access for energy.


Hydroxyburn Sleep RX

What could be more important than a good night's sleep? Well, realistically, quite a lot of things ... But sleep is usually quite high on the list if you want to improve your health or focus on shedding some unwanted body-weight.


Hydroxyburn sleep is a quality product delivering herbal extracts with anti-anxiety, anti-stress, hynotic and sedative properties to help you relax, unwind and take a quality snooze.




Given the strong connection between poor sleep and high cortisol levels, it comes as no surprise that people who don't sleep well tend to make poor food choices and have a higher bodyfat percentage!


Ensuring you get a good night of sleep also helps you retain hard earned muscle and build muscle at a faster rate. After all, during sleep is when most of the muscle growth and repair actually occurs.


Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic


Burn it, shred it and kick it out the door with the massively popular and ever-lasting Hydroxyburn Shred powder, loaded with thermogenic enhancers and mood boosters.


Body-Science-BSc-Hydroxy-Shred-Neuro-Thermogenic-02.pngNot only are flavours like Passionfruit and Super Berry incredibly refreshing, this product delivers hard-hitting energy and motivation so you can train until you're shredded. With ingredients like Green Tea, Guarana and Hydroxycitric acid, you'll have no excuse not to turn yourself into the version of you that you've always wanted!


Try it pre-workout, throughout the day for an energy boosting thermogenic hit, or take it first thing each morning to get your metabolism firing.


This really is one of the fantastic products from Bodyscience, offering plenty of Acetyl L-Carnitine to satisfy even the toughest training sessions.


Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra

This product delivers a unique ingredient listing, including an epic 2 grams of carnitine per serve, Green Coffee, chromium, Green Tea, Garcinia and more.


If you want everything thermogenic all in one product, this is the product for you. Take it before exercise for an energy boost or throughout the day to keep your metabolism firing.



The best way to use the Body Science Hydroxyburn Range is by combining the products together to achieve your weight loss goals. We would usually recommend that Hydoxyburn Lean 5 Low Carb Protein be your main supplement as it' incredibly versatile, and then utilise other products to suit your particular needs.


Hydroxyburn Lean 5 can be used as a meal replacement once daily and to aid recovery and lean mass gains post-workout. If you really want fire-up your fat burning you could combine the Hydroxyburn Lean 5 with Hydroxyburn Clinical Tablets to boost thermogenic activity, suppress appetite and increase the metabolism.


You can add in any of the impressive range of Lo Carb Balls, Cookies or Bars that Body Science have on offer as a convenient and delicious snack that is guilt free and won’t hinder your weight loss. It might be best to start with  two products from the Hydroxyburn Range and see how progress goes. Then, if you find your specific needs require it, you can trial other products down the track.


That’s what makes the BSc Hydroxyburn Range so appealing to so many consumers - it’s versatility. It provides simple solutions to weight loss issues, with a pleasant taste and a results-oriented focus.