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What to Expect From APS White Lightning

Posted on July 23, 2014

What to Expect From APS White LightningDividerimage

They say that lightning only strikes once, but APS White Lightning is different. Its specially crafted formula hits the mark again and again with a mix of key ingredients designed to target fat and enhance weight loss in a myriad of dynamic ways, including the reduction of glucose conversion and the reabsorption of fat, the suppression of appetite and a multi-pronged approach to effective lipolysis. White Lightning turns up the heat in a remarkable manner, particularly in regards to metabolic stimulation, as it effectively incorporates thermogenic properties to aid in burning unwanted fat. Furthermore, White Lightning complements its fat burning processes with a jolt of intense energy and a powerful boost to mood, focus, blood flow and general neural function.

Burn clean and get lean

White Lightning assists in the clean burn of fat through a number of important and beneficial ingredients. These include Acacia Rigidula, Guarana Extract, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium Extract and Higenamine, which work together to aid in the metabolism of fat, the decrease of glucose conversion and reabsorption of fat, and the subduing of appetite. Other key components include Coleus Forskohlii Extract to help regulate the thyroid and optimise fat burning, and Raspberry Ketones, which ease fatty liver and also promote thermogenic effects, along with Black Pepper Extract.

A lightning bolt of energy

APS White Lightning delivers more than just remarkable fat burning assistance; it gives a real blast of energy. Elements such as Theobromoa Cocoa Extract, in conjunction with the Acacia Rigidula Extract, Guarana Extract and Citrus Aurantium Extract, provide an intense and sustained energy boost while sharpening focus, enabling powerful workouts and the capacity for essential mental stamina and concentration. White Lightning also enhances hand-eye co-ordination and can improve memory function with its nootropic compounds.

Lighten up in more ways than one

In addition to supporting weight loss goals and increasing energy, White Lightning contains several powerful sources of antioxidants for fighting disease, and Green Tea Extract, which has been shown to elevate mood and reduce mental stress. Furthermore, each serve provides a hit of vitamins B6 and B12, and of course contains zero calories.

Strike back at fat and help your health

With its comprehensive, carefully synergised formulation, White Lightning is the ultimate all-rounder when it comes to achieving a leaner, more vitalised body. Comprised of potent fat burning and metabolism heightening properties, with the added advantages of neural boosters and an explosive shot of energy, White Lightning will help you blast through all your barriers.