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The New and Improved Body Science BODY Range for Women

Posted on July 22, 2014

The New and Improved Body Science BODY Range for WomenDividerimage

We all want to look and feel our best but often ignore the most important factor in getting into shape…… good nutrition.  With the new and improved BSc BODY product range that part is easy. Body Science have revamped the BODY for Women Range and added some great new products to ensuring good nutrition is at your fingertips. The Body Science BODY range has something to suit everyone in her endeavor to maintain healthy and fitness.

BODY Meal Replacement

Body Science appreciates the efforts of busy women trying to keep the family going, working and finding time to fit training and healthy eating into the daily grind. With this the BODY Meal Replacement was born, providing women with nutritious meal replacement loaded with vitamins and minerals, protein and energy producing carbs to keep you going whether its lunch on the go or a pre-workout nutrition boost. This great new addition to the BODY range is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

BODY Shaping Protein

Women trying to stay in shape who exercise regularly need to ensure they are getting enough protein in their diets. Protein is essential to the recovery process, can kick start the metabolism, help keep us full and increase lean muscle. Body Science BODY Shaping Protein contains both fast and slow protein sources and is ideal for a post-workout protein shake, high protein snack or even breakfast to get the best start to the day. This new and improved BODY Shaping Protein comes in 4 great flavours to tempt the taste buds.

BODY Stix, BODY Lo Carb Bites and BODY Lo Carb Protein bars

The BSc BODY for Women Range contains a selection of convenient, on-the go high protein, lo carbohydrate snacks for the health conscious female. The all new BODY Stix are a wickedly naughty craving buster. Covered in chocolate and loaded with protein, chia seeds, prebiotics and fibre, BODY Stix are a decadent treat containing only 53 calories per stix.

The BODY Lo Carb Protein Bars boast a new and improved nutrient profile containing zero artificial, flavours, colours or sweeteners. These high protein, low carbohydrate favourites consumed by women all over Australia are healthier than ever and still taste amazing.

BODY Zotrim

The new look BSc BODY Zotrim were formulated after years of research and includes natural plant extracts to encourage appetite suppression. Taken before meals and with a calorie controlled eating plan BODY Zotrim has been proven in 9 separate trials to aid weight loss.

The New and Improved BODY range delivers cutting-edge products designed for women to make good health, fitness and weight management easier to attain and maintain. The Body Science  BODY range is now 100% natural containing no artificial colours or flavous and is naturally sweetened. Gluten free and safe for vegetarians, with ergonomically friendly packaging the BODY For Women range looks after both the inside and outside for a holistic take on a healthy body.