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APS Range Now With White Lightning

Posted on July 23, 2014

APS Range Now With White LightningDividerimage

Good nutrition comes down to a combination of common sense, exercise and diet. While it’s not rocket science, science can help to give things a boost. That’s where Advanced Performance Supplements (APS) can lend a hand.

APS are renowned for their innovative line of nutraceutical products, which are recognised as being at the forefront of the dietary supplement industry. A long-awaited innovative and exciting new product called White Lightning is now a welcome addition to the APS range.

White Lightning is described as taking extreme energy to a new level. It is easily distinguished from other diet aids by the jolt of energy it gives when you are taking it. It’s not for the faint hearted and is recommended for use by those who are experienced with dietary supplements.

The key ingredients of White Lightning include the powerful stimulant acacia rigidula. It’s considered ideal for those who want to burn fat, while also increasing mental clarity and focus.

The trend with supplements is to focus on the brain as much as the body. New products like this one are reported to have a stimulating effect on neural function as well as energy levels. It’s a welcome addition to the APS nutrition range for those who are already familiar with these high-quality products.

Others in the range include APS Mesomporph 2.0, which is widely regarded as the “king” of the pre-workouts. APS Aminomorph, meanwhile, provides a potent blend of BCAA’s that supports endurance, cellular energy and recovery. There is also APS L-Glutamine, which supports muscle repair and recovery, as well the integrity of the intestinal lining, while APS Beta Alanine is able to increase the lactate threshold. These and other APS supplements are all handy tools in the nutritional kit.

The impressive addition APS White Lightning should be high on the list for consideration if you’re interested in achieving intense and focused energy for mind and body along with a chiseled physique.