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Body Science BSc BODY Stix - New BODY Range

Posted on July 16, 2014

Body Science BSc BODY Stix - New BODY RangeDividerimage

One of the hardest things to do when training or trying to keep fit is to not give in to those cravings. We all feel the need to snack every now and then, and often feel like we need a little energy pick me up, but the last thing you want to do when trying to maintain a carefully controlled diet is to load up on some wicked, calorie laden treats.

Sometimes temptation can get the better of us, but thankfully Body Science has come to the rescue once again with their new Body STIX. Body Science are champions of good nutrition, developing innovative nutritional supplements to help athletes, trainers, and workout fiends achieve their goals.

They've done it again with these tasty snacks that give you all the satisfaction, without the wickedness. Packed with protein (5g each, to be exact), and at just a minuscule 53 calories per STIX, this snack should keep you feeling full between meals and with extra energy to boot, all without you having to worry about portion control.

Better still, these high protein, low carb snacks are great for clean living, containing as they do no gluten, no simple sugars, and no artificial ingredients. So you can give into your need for a snack without having to worry what else you might be putting into your body!

The high protein level in these STIX is great, as this ingredient is essential in building muscle and aiding in recovery. Eating a STIX before or after a workout will give you the energy you need to push yourself further, while giving your muscles everything they need.

This snack is also high in fibre and prebiotics (specifically Inulin), helping you to maintain a healthy and regular digestion, while also making sure you're satiated and at the same time contributing to your weight loss. Sounds great to us! You'll also find that Body STIX contain the superfood Chia, which is full of essential nutrients and antioxidants, but with very few calories.

Essentially, the Body Science Body STIX provide a very satisfying and healthy snack, to keep you going and provide you with the protein and nutrients you need. Next time you have a craving or are feeling tempted, don't deny yourself or reach for the cake - try a Body STIX instead.