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Max's Build Size Value Pack

Posted on June 5, 2014

Max's Build Size Value PackDividerimage

Bulk up and prepare for Max’s Muscle Up Challenge 2014 using Max’s Build Size Value Pack. This competition is Australia’s most grueling body transformation challenge. The next challenge begins on July 28th and the competition is fierce so you better start bulking up with Max's Build Size Value Pack to be in with a chance of winning that $10,000 prize and being featured on Max’s Muscle TV and in Max’s Muscle News Magazine. Entry is free and Max’s coaches will you provide you with the nutrition and training information that will ensure you achieve optimum results. Throughout the challenge competitors will build muscle mass using a selection of Max’s supplements.

Max’s Build Size Value Pack provides you with everything that you will need to build quality muscle and rapidly bulk up. This supplement stack was designed especially for Max’s Muscle Up Challenge and contains three mass building and muscle growing products; Max’s Supersize, Max’s Nitetime and Cre8 Carnage. Using these three products together will maximise your results and give you the energy to train harder. This stack can also be used to top up if you have previously purchased Max’s Build Size Premium Pack.

Max’s Build Size Value Pack contains:

Max’s Supersize – Packed with protein, carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals, this powerful formula loads your body with mass increasing and muscle building nutrition that can transform even the skinniest frame. Taking Max’s Supersize 2-3 times a day will saturate your muscle tissue with strength and growth enhancing nutrients to ensure that you can train harder for optimum growth.

Max’s Nitetime – After a hard day of training, it is essential that your body recover. Most of your body’s muscle repair occurs whilst you sleep, so it is crucial that your body is packed with enough protein to last a whole night. This cannot be achieved with a normal diet but Max’s Nitetime protein is full of slow releasing proteins that will make sure you maximise your overnight muscle repairing so that you wake up refreshed and ready to train again.

Max’s Cre8 Carnage – This powerful formula contains eight different creatines that are designed to give you an instant and sustained burst of energy so that you can train harder for longer. Cre8 Carnage is sugar free and perfect for anyone who needs that extra surge of energy so that they optimise their performance whilst training and see results quicker.

The Max’s Build Size Value Pack will assist you in achieving that sort after physique you thought only possible for the professional athlete. At Sporty’s Health we are happy to be a supplier of the Max’s Build Size packs and wish everyone well on their muscle-building journey.