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Maxine's Tone + Shape / Get Strong Pack

Posted on June 5, 2014

Maxine's Tone + Shape / Get Strong PackDividerimage

Maxine’s Tone + Shape / Get Strong Pack has been specifically designed for the Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge 2014. The 12-week challenge begins on July 28th and is one of the toughest female body transformation and muscle defining competitions. Competitors are required to follow a strict nutrition and training regime whilst using Maxine’s supplements to enhance their toning and shaping results. Guided by a team of coaches, entrants compete to achieve the most dramatic body transformation and walk away with not only a toned and sculpted body but also $10,000 and a whole host of other fantastic prizes.

Maxine’s Tone + Shape / Get Strong Pack is designed to help competitors gain muscle definition, shred unwanted weight and increase strength. The Tone & Shape Pack contains 2 x Maxine’s Burn Thermogenic Protein Powder and one box of Maxine’s Thermogenic Protein Bars. Using these products together will help you achieve optimum body transformation results in a short amount of time.

Maxine’s Tone + Shape / Get Strong Pack contains:

2 x Maxine’s Burn Protein Shakes – These delicious shakes come in a variety of flavours and are formulated to maximise the amount of protein that your body consumes whilst minimising the amount of added fat and carbohydrates. Maxine’s shakes are designed to tone and sculpt your body. These shakes are crucial in packing your body full of protein so that your muscles can repair themselves after an intense workout. They are also crammed with fat burners and carbohydrate blockers to make sure that your body is constantly working towards achieving maximum results. With energy boosting properties, Maxine’s Burn shakes ensure that your body is prepared for every training session and ready to be pushed to the limit to achieve those all-important sculpting and toning results.

1 x Box of Maxine’s Protein Bars – Maxine’s protein bars are the perfect energy boosting snack that are packed full of protein and contain fat burners to help speed up your metabolism. The carbohydrate blockers stop carbs from being converted into fats giving you that extra lean body that you want.

The Maxine’s Tone + Shape Pack will ensure you have the nutritional support to achieve your fitness goals. Good Luck from Sporty’s Health in your endeavor to change your physique and change your life with the Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge.