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Will Protein Powder Make Me Massive?

Posted on April 16, 2014

Will Protein Powder Make Me Massive?Dividerimage

When looking into the effects of protein on body size and mass, it is first important to consider the variables which need to be explored. The type of exercise an individual does, such as body-building, running, cycling or none at all can have an impact. The variables within the form of exercise you undertake are also considerations. For example if you are a body-builder, the difference between being a heavy or light lifter can play a part in answering the question. Other factors including calorie intake, metabolic rate, hormone levels, body shape and size and frequency of exercise all contribute to the effect protein will have on your body. First of all it is important to establish exactly what protein does.

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient. It is beneficial to the immune system and promotes the growth of healthy immune cells. This macro-nutrient is able to build and maintain lean muscle mass as well as having the ability to repair damaged cells and tissue. It produces hormones and can be used as an energy source if carbohydrate resources are low. Perhaps one of the most important functions of protein is the production of amino acids, which makes many of the above functions possible. Many people choose to take protein powder or other protein supplements to increase their intake, for these essential and beneficial qualities. 

The question of bulking up in body-building can often be a question of gender, as well as ingesting protein supplements. Due to the impact of hormones upon muscle mass, women may not be able to compare their muscle gains with men. Natural Male Hormones play a great part in allowing protein to convert into bulk, as well as the type of body building you engage in. If you are engaging in body-building activities which promote the development of large muscles, distinctive shape and obvious bulk, it is very likely that you will become massive. If you engage in body-building techniques to develop lean, defined muscle with subtle changes to shape leading to defined muscle tone it is very likely you will not become massive. 

For anyone else engaging in demanding sporting activities such as running and rock climbing, the development of healthy muscle is essential. Runners and rock climbers may worry that protein powder may make them massive, however, it isn't the powder itself that increases size, it is the type of exercise that is being engaged. Protein can only repair what has been damaged, different exercises or variations of similar activities use different sets of muscles. Some lead to the development of large muscles, others to leaner muscles. Protein supplements will not influence the type of muscle you develop, they will help to enhance the effects of the type of exercise you engage in.

If protein supplements are not used correctly they may produce unwanted effects, one of which could be increased size. Metabolic rate and calorie intake are incredibly important in determining the effects of protein on the body. Ultimately the protein supplements you use will work with the exercise routine you have. If you do not exercise, extra protein supplements may aid in the process of unwanted gains from extra calories if you haven’t changed anything else in your nutrition or calorie intake, however, if you engage in a controlled workout regime, with clear focused goals, your protein powder will help you to obtain the body shape you want, be it lean muscle or bulk.

Protein supplements are not only beneficial, they are essential for many sports people. In order to avoid plateaus and develop your body, helping it to endure the stresses and strains that your routine may put it through, protein is essential. In order to repair your body and achieve the goals in terms of body size you have set, protein use can be very advantageous. The question of 'will protein powder make me massive?' can easily be summed up with the recognition that protein will not make you massive, the exercise you choose to engage in will.