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Top 5 Protein Bars of 2018

Posted on October 3, 2018

Top 5 Protein Bars of 2018Dividerimage

 Protein Bars can be ultra-handy at times, and with constant improvements in their manufacture, now they’re ultra-tasty too. And this can make all the difference. Who wants a bar that they’ve forked out hard-earned cash on if it tastes like compressed cardboard? Not me.

If you want a decent tasting protein bar that can also tick all the macronutrient boxes, then check out this list of our top 5 picks. Many of these bars have been chomped, chewed and downright demolished by Sportys Health staff over the past few months, but only to better understand our product—of course. So check out our list and see which protein bars get your appetite percolating.

I Musashi Deluxe High Protein Bar

Musashi Deluxe High Protein Bars come in three awesome flavours: Peanut Crunch, Chocberry Mudcake and Rocky Road. These bars do not miss a beat when it comes to flavour, and are one of the few protein bars that actually live up to their name—DELUXE.



The great thing we noticed about these is the texture and flavour taste quite different to most bars, which we really liked. They lack the dry cardboard flavour so common in protein bars, which is likely due to, Musashi using a specialised protein blend that includes collagen, casein, soy and whey.


This means more flavour, and less of the bland and boring texture associated with protein bars. Win-win. Chew-chew.


These bars contain 20 grams of protein per bar, which will keep your amino acid levels pumped and ready for action. They are low sugar and contain around 250 calories per bar, so they deliver on protein without the blood sugar peaks that we certainly don’t need.




These bars are chocolate coated, and slip out of the wrapper so easy you’d think they wanted to be consumed. They have a soft fudge textured centre, and layers of marshmallow pieces, raspberry crisps or peanuts, flavour dependant.


These are great to munch on at the cinema, or when you know there’s no escaping your appetite, even after a strong coffee. They will satisfy, they will nourish, and most of all, they will deliver a chocolaty, fudgy deliciousness with a crunch that will keep you optimistic about snack times for all eternity.

Body Science BSc High Protein Bars

Image result for body science high protein bar

With 12 flavours to choose from, including Peanut Caramel and Maple Cinnamon Scroll, Body Science have gone the extra mile necessary to ensure that your taste buds never get tired, bored, or disinterested in protein-everagain. That would be a disaster.


These bars were actually voted number 1 in 2017. They have three layers of delicious goodness that ensure both taste and texture are maximised for nothing less than a moreish and fascinating chew.


Body Science High Protein Bars contains the natural sweetener stevia, which is plant-based and has virtually zero calories. This sweetener provides the perfect level of satiating flavour, without the nastiness of chemical additives. They also have no artificial colours, flavours or added sugars of any   kind. In case you’ve got a competition on the horizon, they’re even drug tested, leaving nothing to chance. No worries. No compromises. Just flavour and nutrition.


Though the flavour and texture sounds divine, what about the nutritional side of things? After all, protein bars are supposed to be about protein too—right?


Even though the most gooey, crunchy and crumbly bars, the ones that make your palate explode, can make you forget about protein all together, we do need to be certain they’re not made from pure gasoline.


Body Science High Protein Bars are based on the highest quality protein of all: whey protein. They contain whey protein concentrate, isolate and calcium caseinate. Whey protein is the only protein rated thus far as having a biological value higher than egg. And yes, egg is much higher than beef, fish and chicken. This means plenty of nutrition in the form of the helpful essential amino acids.

Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip’d Protein Bar

Aussie Bodies have been delivering quality nutrition for decades, with a comprehensive range of sports and wellness supplements and snack options. These bars are certainly no exception. Full of quality nutrition and loaded with flavour, Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip’d Protein Bars are gluten free and are low in sugar and carbohydrates.


And with ice-cream inspired flavours, it’s no surprise that these are by far the softest proteins bars we’ve come across. The enticing flavours include chocolate, english toffee and boysenberry. So if a soft texture is your thing, then these bars are for you—bar none (pun completely intended).


Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip’d Protein Bars are free from artificial flavours and colours, and deliver a decent amount of fibre for such a small bar. This certainly is a good thing, not only for the sake of regularity, but also because this macronutrient is filling and naturally low in calories.

Each bar contains a specific Aussie Bodies Protein Blend, a mixture of plant and dairy based proteins to ensure that your amino acid needs are well catered for. These essential amino acids are of the utmost importance when it comes to supporting not only recovery from exercise, but also general health and wellness.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch



With a company like Optimum Nutrition, you can be sure that any new product is worth some serious consideration, before jumping in and trying it anyway, that is. These guys really know how to put together a sports nutrition product that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to quality and value.


The new Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch bars are an absolute breezy delight to consume. The team at Sportys Health had an awesome time trying out the flavours—milk chocolate, peanut butter and toffee & pretzel—over and over again—for research purposes, of course.


Each bite we took certainly had nothing to do with the light and crispy texture or the indulgent mouth-watering flavour. And certainly our motives weren’t even remotely related to the way the intoxicating flavour lingers in the mouth for longer than it should. It was all about the flavour research. All of it.


Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch bars deliver 20 grams of quality protein from whey and casein. And guess what the first ingredient is? Whey protein isolate. Literally, this form of protein contains the highest biological value of any protein. That’s when you know the sports nutrition company has really put quality first, when you see whey protein isolate as the first ingredient in a listing.




On top of all this, they have added some dietary fibre to improve satiety without the calories, and casein protein, which is filling and sustains our amino acid levels for a longer period of time than most proteins.


If you’ve tried every protein bar under the sun or star-filled night and are ready for something different, Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch bars are a fine choice indeed. They crunch, they engage, they deliver on their promise of nutrition.

Aussie Bodies FX Lo Carb Mini Protein Bar


Aussie Bodies Protein FX Lo Carb Mini Protein Bar might be a mouthful to say, however it delivers on the Aussie Bodies commitment to quality nutrition without the expense of flavour. This has literally been the best selling protein bar at Sportys Health for the last 6 years straight!

Long-term taste satisfaction? You bet. Our customers and staff members just keep on coming back for more. We can’t keep them away. They are a delectable little treat that come in a range of delicious flavours, including choc honeycomb, rocky road and salted caramel. And because these are a mini bar, they only hit you with a little over 100 calories.

These bars have a soft protein infused centre and a premium chocolate coating that has no added sugar. With a quality blend of plant and dairy based proteins, these bars support general health and wellness, and give your blood amino acids levels the elevation that they can sometimes need, especially between meals or after exercise, when the stomach is feeling as empty as a fridge after Christmas. Next time you’re about to walk out the front door, jam one in your pocket and see where the day takes you.