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International Protein Extreme Carbs

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International Protein Extreme Carbs

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International Protein Extreme Carbs helps your body restore and replenish the lost glycogen reserves post strenuous workouts. Glycogen is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the body. It is the storage form of the carbohydrate-derivative glucose. The liver and the skeletal muscles are the main store houses of glycogen in the body. Muscles reserve approximately twice as much glycogen as stored in the liver. 


When you exercise these glycogen reserves are metabolised to release energy. Adequate availability of glycogen in the muscles will increase your power and stamina.


extreme carbs tub

International Protein Extreme Carbs will help restore the exhausted glycogen reserves in your body. Glycogen synthesis takes place for up to six hours post exercise. The synthesis is at its peak during the first two hours. Insulin sensitivity is high during this time period and sugars are absorbed optimally to restore lost energy reserves.


Extreme Carbs has a mixture of fast, medium and slow absorbing carbs to fully utilise the entire phase of glycogen synthesis. Fast absorbing carbohydrates present in this post-workout supplement kick-start the glycogen synthesis and help recovery. They take full advantage of the favorable anabolic environment and rapidly replenish glycogen reserves.


Medium and slow absorbing carbohydrates resume and maintain glycogen synthesis for the entire phase. They help in relieving muscular soreness and pain, and also promote muscular growth.     


Promilin TM present in International Protein Extreme Carbs enhances and augments the action of insulin in your skeletal muscles. It speeds up the glycogen synthesis and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. This helps create an optimum anabolic environment for protein synthesis. Promilin TM ensures glucose is used for the growth and repair of muscle tissues, and is not locked up as fat.    



International Protein Extreme Carbs Key Features:

·      Multi-phase glycogen replenishment

·      Optimum mix of high and low GI carbohydrates

·      Contains insulin regulator Promilin TM

·      Enhances the transport of glucose to skeletal muscles

·      Enhances your body's anabolic environment



How to Use Extreme Carbs

Mix 80g (for body weight 80kg) of Extreme Carbs with 200ml-400ml (6.7oz-13.5oz) of water and consume immediately post workout.  (Recommended serving size is 1-1.5g of Extreme Carbs per kg of body weight)


General Usage: At other times, combine International Protein Extreme Carbs with Protein Synergy 5 for a flexible meal replacement or a pre-workout meal. (Recommended serving size is .5g-.75g of Extreme Carbs per kg of body weight. For best results use 50ml-100ml (1.7oz- 3.4oz) of water per 20g of Extreme Carbs) 

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International Protein Extreme Carbs Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 80g

Fat, Total
- Saturated
Carbohydrates, Total
- Sugars
Dietary Fibre


INGREDIENTS: Glucose Polymers, Rice, Starch, Fructose, Glucose, Natural Cream Flavour, PromilinTM (Fenugreek Seed Extract), Sweetener (Sucralose).


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