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Horleys Mass Gainer

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Latest Customer Reviews
Jun 15, 2024
Great price, fast and free delivery
Guest | AUS
Mar 19, 2019
Anyone who is looking to put on mass, this is the protein for you. I have been on mass Horley for three years and never once disappointed me. Price is great and flavours too.
Jun 15, 2024
Have seen some really good results here. Has certainly worked for me.
Guest | AUS

9.4 out of 10For men, though women can take it too, realistically.definitely a mass gainersupports recovery


Horleys Mass is a protein and carbohydrate blend with medium chain triglycerides and creatine designed to enhance muscle gain and exercise recovery. Each serve of Horleys Elite Mass contains over 35 grams of dairy protein and a solid 385 calories to fuel training performance and exercise adaptation. Mixed with full cream milk, each serve will provide over 40 grams of protein and more calories, adding to the already amazing flavour profiles.


Product Features

Perfect Enviroment for Anabolic Muscle Growth.
35g of Quality Muscle-Building Protein per Serve.
Creatine for Increased Strength and Hypertrophy.
2.9g MCTs to Boost Energy and Cognition.
Rich in Growth Factors and BCAA's.



Horleys Mass Protein image


This Awesome Mass Protein provides a  superior mass building formula that offers a full range of nutrients to create an anabolic environment to fuel quality mass gains.


Horleys Mass utilises Whey Protein Concentrate which is loaded with anabolic growth factors and is naturally rich in the branched chain amino acids needed for protein synthesis making it the ideal protein source to kickstart a muscle-building environement. Combine this with creatine monohydrate and Horleys Mass Gainer is truly priming you for muscle gains.


Horleys Mass Gainer Vanilla

This Awesome Mass Gainer also contains quality carbohydrates and nutrient boosters like yeast and lecithin to complement the creatine and increase weight gain and lean body mass while at the same time increasing muscular endurance and muscle recovery. Horleys Mass adds MCT's to this lean weight gainer to push up calorie intake, but limits its conversion to stored fat as it is used as a fuel for muscles.


When it comes to side effects, Horleys Awesome Mass might upset any lactose intolerance sufferers due to its high lactose content. If you do suffer with lactose intolerance, Horleys Ice or 100% Whey would be a batter option. You could blend these pure protein products with some banana and honey to make up the carbohydrate portion, essentially creating a mass gainer.


Awesome Mass Protein is ideal for "hard gainers", beginers with fast metabolims right through to the competative bodybuilder. This versatile product would also suit endurance athletes and sports competitors who sometimes overlook the importance of protein as well as carbohydrates for their recovery.


How to Use Horleys Awesome Mass Gainer

Add 92g of Horleys Awesome Mass to 300ml of milk or fruit juice. The optimimum time for using Awesome Mass is mid-morning, after a workout and before bed. If you have not used a nutrient dense supplement like Horleys Awesome before, start with a half size serving per day for 5 days before increasing to a full serving.


Horleys Awesome Mass Review

This product has been around for decades; literally. And it has only been improved since. Apart from the fact that the mass gains shakes are delicious and incredibly easy to get down multiple times daily, the ingredients really are top notch.


With the smart inclusion of whole milk powder, in addition to quality whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate, ths simple addition of cold water and a quick shake creates a proper milk shake. It's creamy, it's fluffy, it's completely fantastic in every way. And each serve of Horleys Awesome Mass also delivers creatine to enhance explosive strength, power and muscle size, magnesium to support muscular relaxation and digestive enzymes to assist with nutrient digestion and absorption.


After so many years in the industry, it should come as no surprise that Horleys can absolutely do no wrong. If you're ready to pack on some size, and enjoy doing so, you're ready to give Horleys Awesome Mass a go.

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47 (3 reviews)  

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Horleys Awesome Mass Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 92g (Vanilla Flavour)

Fat, Total
- Saturated
Carbohydrates, Total
- Sugars
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)


INGREDIENTS:  Mass Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Milk Protein Isolate), Maltodextrin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Flavour, Creatine Monohydrate, Magnesium Oxide, Sweetener (955), Digestive Enzymes.


CONTAINS MILK & SOY (soy lecithin is used to instantise the whey proteins and is less than 1% of the product). GLUTEN FREE. CERTIFIED HALAL.



horleys awesome mass product details